Top 5 Essential Features Needed To Create An Amazing Small Business Website

Every small business needs a good website. Consumers increasingly use the internet to locate providers of products and services. No matter what you offer, you’ll need to have a website that is connected to social media, has a great user experience, ranks well on search engines and simply conveys information. Here is a brief guide to the top five features every small business website has.

Social Media Connectivity

Social media has become inexorably entwined with the human experience. It is, therefore, extremely important to utilize social media as a tool for helping to promote your small business – whether it is in the form of running a fun and exciting Instagram or making splashes on the web with clever Tweets.

This is why it is increasingly important from a web design perspective to link to all the different social media platforms that your business operates on your website clearly. Linking these platforms not only further engages your customers to your business, but has the potential to create a robust network of followers, customers and collaborators. If you operate as part of an online community you can develop real consumer confidence.

Regular Maintenance

Every website needs regular maintenance in order to foster a great User Experience. It can be a difficult endeavor to maintain a strong focus on operating your business as well as keeping up to date with running your website so that it performs to an optimal level at all times.

Data silos need to be eliminated, analytical tools need to be updated and security needs to be strengthened on a regular basis. This is why it might be an excellent idea to utilize services which allow you to take a much needed load off. Check out a company that offers maintenance services here:

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Testimonials From Customers

Including customer testimonials in your web design will allow you to display any positive feedback you have received. Consumers naturally trust previous customers more than they trust the slick marketing copy produced or commissioned by a company. User testimonials should not be exclusively glowing in nature – this can lead to a rather unreal, bot-like atmosphere on your website. Vet and refresh the customer testimonials you receive regularly.


SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – is the practice of tailoring your website for search engines. An absolutely vast percentage of web traffic flows through search engines, which means that ranking well when consumers search for products you offer is wildly important. Search Engine Optimization tactics include link building, metadata curation and content tailoring.


Ultimately, the goal of a small business website is to promote the products and services it offers and to sell those things to clients, customers and collaborators. Clearly and simply display all of the information you want customers to take in. The simpler the exchange of information, the better. Early business websites had clumsy walls of text and multiple fonts. Today, established web wisdom points towards simplicity.

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