How Can an On Page SEO Service Save My Business?

A big storm is headed your way and your business is already drowning. Frantically, you look for some type of lifeboat, but your once-loyal crew seems like it would like to make you walk the plank! You were hoping to have a number one search ranking on your SERP, but you are not even on the SERP!

Is it possible that some type of on page SEO service can save your business? Let us look over some best practices as we do a hypothetical site audit.

Right Keywords


The first step to search engine optimization is keyword research. Before you write a single line of site content on your web page, you should do your keyword research. Right keywords mean target keywords but they must also be relevant keywords. This is due to an algorithm change.

There was a time when Google and other major search engines did not take keyword relevance very seriously. Based on that, website owners, in the hopes of getting high search engine rankings, focused on keyword density and sprinkled their site content and tags with lots of target keywords, regardless of whether they were relevant keywords. During that era, such website owners were rewarded with great search results and great visibility, but at the cost of a lot of Google’s credibility.

Google has since fixed that problem and business owners that create a bad user experience through keyword sprinkling will be penalized by algorithms that impede visibility and search results for the offending web page. To avoid this penalty, only relevant content with relevant keywords should appear on the webpage. A good SEO expert should always have an idea of what the main keywords are.

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Link Building

Link building, through backlinks, internal links, inbound links, and external links, is a great way to improve search engine results. According to Moz DA, external links, aka outbound links, are even more valuable than internal links and should be considered a best practice for SEO.

Technical SEO


While many might not consider technical SEO to be on page SEO, knowledge of search engine algorithms is a must for page optimization and engine optimizing. In 2021, the world wide web is teeming with Google Caffeine, search engine spiders, and other engine crawlers. As has been discussed in the keywords section, these engine crawlers can make or break your site rank and your site accessibility, so it would be a good idea to know the ways Google Caffeine and search engine spiders operate.

Quality Content

As a general rule of thumb, quality content is one of the most important page factors for generating site traffic and for keeping the engine crawlers happy. While old content can remain, provided that it is quality content and relevant content, a steady influx of new content has been proven to be one of the best practices for generating organic traffic.

A good on site service includes help finding the right copywriter or blogger for the target searcher, even if we are talking about a niche market. Great visuals from a good web designer are also a ranking factor and it is also a good idea for an SEO team performing a site audit to have such a person in mind to refer to the business owner.

Saving a small business from going under is no easy task. Proper optimization requires a full site audit: landing page, homepage, service page, headings, header tags, alt tags, alt text, meta tags, meta description, metadata, URL, blog post, visuals, title tags, etc. With so many page factors, there is no shortcut to quality site SEO if your business is already in trouble. With the right page SEO services, however, best practices can be implemented, and that can make a huge difference in your ROI.

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