While there are so many things to do when all the members of a family gather, nothing beats playing card games. Today, when you are unable to meet your family because of the social distancing norms, at least, you have the opportunity to connect with them virtually, right? 

Top 5 Card Games to Play with Your Friends on Mobile

With the increasing urge of people to have some fun time with family and friends, there are multiple platforms that have come up with the best card games for you to play on mobile. These games offer gamers a chance to enjoy the traditional casino retreats on a virtual platform in real-time. Qrius brought into focus the rising popularity of online card games these days, especially during the occasions such as Diwali where people enjoying card games is a tradition.

Indian card games are not confined to one or two options. You get a wide variety of games to enjoy. With online platforms letting you play what you want from fantasy sports to Indian casino games, you are free to choose from the myriad of choices that you come across. Some of the best card games that you can play with your friends on mobile have been listed below:


It’s a multiplayer game in which 2-10 players can play together. If you are 7 or above in age, you can register and enjoy this game. Every player gets seven cards to start with. These cards face down, and the rest of the cards remain in a Draw Pile with their faces down. You need to have an empty space for a Discard Pile beside the Draw Pile, too. This is the place where the top card is placed. Once the setup is prepared, you can start the game.

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The game flows in a clockwise direction with the first player taking the place to the left of the dealer. Each player involved in the game looks at the cards he or she has and then tries to match them with the cards resting in the Discard Pile. The match is established depending on either the number, the symbol/action, or colour. For example, if you have a red card in the Discard Pile with the number 8, you can either match your card with the colour red or the number 8.

There is also a provision for a wild card, using which can alter the current colour in play. In case the Discard Pile doesn’t have a matching card, you can draw a card from the Draw pile. If you think the card can be played, you can play it or else the chance passes on to the next player.


Being one of the most entertaining online card games, rummy has become an exciting offering of the online gaming industry. Giving gamers an opportunity to utilise their cognitive skills for faster gameplay, this card game serves to be the first choice whenever a person is looking to start with enjoying a card game online. After long working hours at home, you may require some quality time to spend with friends and family. Rummy is the best refreshment for all. Connect virtually and play the game any time with thousands of players in the queue to join you. 

This card game is all about forming a sequence with three or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. There are two types of sequences that can be formed – a pure sequence where a group of three or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit is formed without a joker, and an impure sequence where sequences have jokers added to them. You have to have a decent score when the value of the cards that are not part of a valid sequence is added. 

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Thus, your main aim would be to bring your score to 0 by forming valid sequences and sets so that you become the winner. 

You can download the rummy app now and start playing the classic card game instantly. 


Find the pot containing the amount as placed by the players involved during the hand and you can win. To excel in the game, you have to decide on the amount to place and for that, you should use whatever Poker-related knowledge and skills you have. With NL Holdem, PL Omaha, and PL Omaha 5, gamers are offered three Poker game formats to choose from. Various tournaments are available online for you to select from and proceed with. 

Poker is the best utilisation of time as well as the most effective way of keeping your mind in working condition. Deciding on an apt amount is really tough but a little bit of confidence in your Poker skills is enough to help you win. While you play the game, it is recommended to enjoy it as a refreshment and not consider it as a way of making money. Keep track of time and continue checking the money you spend. Most of the online gaming apps offering Poker list down the tips to play the game for you to go through beforehand.


While most of the games search for a player who earns the maximum point to become a winner, Hearts is a game where the lowest scorer wins. This online card game is tricky enough for you to proceed with but if you are used to applying the relevant strategies, you are likely to win. Four players play individually and compete against each other. In this game, as soon as a player reaches the score agreed upon mutually or beyond that limit, the game comes to an end. 

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The player who earns the lowest score is declared the winner. At the end of each hand, gamers count the number of hearts taken along with the queen of spades if required. While hearts count as one point, queen counts as 13 points. As a result, the total of all the scores earned for each hand should be a multiple of 26. Most of the players play the game to 100 points.


Last but not least on the list is Solitaire, feasible for any space even for areas tinier than a card table. From the ace through the king, place certain cards in sequence and in a suit to build each foundation. Take the whole pack to form the foundations and the one who does that successfully is the winner. The Tableau, The Foundations, The Stock or Hand Pile, and The Talon or Waste Pile are the four different types of piles to help you form the foundations.

The app you choose to play the game of Solitaire will help you go through the rules and guidelines to follow to ensure you play it the right way. Follow the instructions and go ahead.

Download the app and play your favourite online card game with friends on mobile today. Register NOW!

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