Collecting Cat Food

Among the latest Legendary quests added in for Week 3 of Season 7 for Fortnite, players are tasked to collect… cat food?

Cat Food Locations for Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 Quests

Players are now on their third week of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7. As always, there are a whole bunch of quests that they can do to get experience points for their Battle Pass. Besides placing the very sketchy alien communication devices on the mountain tops, they now have to collect cat food as part of the steps of the Legendary Quest in the game. To give the folks a rundown of how quests work on Fortnite Epic Games offers the players in Fortnite a series of Epic and Legendary Quests.


These quests give the players a ton of XP on their Fortnite account, making them the perfect task to level up the seasonal Battle Pass to get more skins and other sorts of cosmetic items. In this case, players use their experience points to progress through their Battle Pass and in turn, earn Battle Stars which are used to unlock all sorts of goodies. This is one of the main changes in Season 7. Instead of following a fixed-line, players now have the option to choose which rewards they want to unlock first by using Battle Stars. Luckily, collecting cat food isn’t all that difficult as long as the players know where they’re located.

Overview of the Quest to Collect Cat Food

One of the newest NPCs that were introduced in Season 7, Joey, has tasked the players to collect cat food. Now, there’s no real rhyme or reason as to why they have to do it. It may well be for Meoscles, but who knows? The cat food can be found in a shipment carton that looks like a box. It’s worth noting that players won’t be able to do this quest if they weren’t able to complete the first four Legendary Quests, so be sure to tick those off the checklist to unlock the quest to collect cat food first. The goal is to collect two boxes worth of cat food. Luckily, there are four in total to find, so players can just pick and choose which locations they want to go to collect them. Not only will players level up once they complete this quest, but they’ll get to earn more Battle Stars to unlock more skins in their Battle Pass as well. This quest will net them about 20,000 worth of experience points, so it’s a task that’s well worth doing for those who want to have a Fortnite account full of seasonal skins. 

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Where to Find the Cat Food

Players can land on Dirty Docks to find two sets of cat food there, but beware as it is a popular location for others to land as well. From the main road of the Dirty Docks, players must turn right to head to the container area. From there, they’ll be able to see a box of cat food between a container and a whole bunch of other cargo stuff. Another box of cat food can also be found from where they’re standing after they got the first box. Simply head on over to the east of the container area towards the park UFO. There’s a box of cat food there that’s also sandwiched better a container and other cargo boxes, much like the first one.

Another place where they can get two sets of cat food is on Retail Row. Players will have to land on the northern part of Retail Row for this one. Find the large truck that’s near a graffiti design on the wall. Just before a gate, there’s a box of cat food there ready to be picked up. Another box awaits them should they opt to smash down the gate to get inside the store. Halfway through the corridor, there’s a cat food box that’s next to the shelves against the wall.

How to Collect the Cat Food

Collecting the cat food in Fortnite is pretty simple. All players have to do is go to the aforementioned locations. Just remember to always be vigilant when collecting the “good stuff” as no doubt there will be other players who are looking to take advantage of this opportunity to snipe a couple of other players to increase their standings. While it’s best not to encounter any enemies, it’s unavoidable at this point, especially when the quest is currently active. Once a player finds a carton of cat food, they can just simply mosey on over where it is and pick it up just like any other Fortnite items in the game.

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The quest to collect cat food is by far one of the easiest Legendary Quests for Season 7 to date. Best of all, players will immediately level up after receiving so much XP on their Fortnite account. On the other hand, things seem to be moving quickly as weeks go by for the season, so the players should move quickly before they miss out on doing the “Collect Cat Food” quest. And of course, let’s not forget what the aliens are planning. What do you think about the ongoing Season 7 of Fortnite so far? Let us know down below.

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