Humanity has always been in love with the coast and the ocean. It is a dream for many to live by the sandy beaches and hurling winds. Recent research has shown that people who live on the coast are relatively happier than those who are not. Australia has many such spectacular coastal areas where civilizations have thrived over the centuries. One such place is the Sunshine Coast which is the 3rd most populated area in Queensland. Approaching a Home builder in Sunshine Coast has made life easier for many to build a home along the coast and helped them live their lives to the fullest.

Why the coast?

  • A coastal ecosystem has a moderating effect on climatic conditions.
  • Plenty of recreational activities. For example, water sports, outdoor kitchen, etc.
  • Closer to mother nature. Waking up to the beach is a luxury, a spiritual experience.
  • Easier access to seafood. Good, rare and fresh seafood is always a delight.
  • Economic access to the ocean. Being an island country, proximity to the coast means proximity to ports and economic activity.
  • Become part of a culture and a new way of life. Coastal culture has its distinct food habits, traditions, fashion, etc.

Once one has decided to build a new home along the coast, one must have a few tips and guidelines to follow.

  • Choose materials wisely and do not try to save money in this aspect.
  • Experienced and local builders know better about the technicalities and tradecraft. Hence it is better to choose such builders. Local and professional builders give room for customization and better customer communication.
  • While designing the house, practicality and functionality have to be kept in mind. Everyone has their preferences while building a new home.
  • One must have an outdoor kitchen in a coastal lifestyle.
  • Using solar energy is always a great option. Energy-efficient technology is the way forward for the new-age home building. For example, a home builder in Sunshine Coast can inculcate energy-efficient methods in the building process.
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The charm of Australia’s 12,000 (Approximately) beaches is too much to resist. The tourism industry is a cornerstone of the Australian economy. The major contributor to Australia’s tourism industry is its coastal habitation. Hence the quality of coastal homes and builders play a significant role in the big picture.

Living by the coast is also found in many countries. It is mainly because of geographical factors. For example, the coastal cities of the USA, Brazil, Italy, etc., has coastal habitats which contributed to their culture, economy, fashion, food habits, language, etc.

Exposure to natural environments is proven to be good for mental health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, exposure to natural environments has become rather difficult in an urban setup. Building houses along the coast allows us to enjoy both an urban life and expose ourselves to natural environments. Hence it provides us with a complete human experience. That is why it is safe to say that living by the coast is a game-changer.


Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, while recommending features of an ideal state, said that a state should have a coast. It is thus an ancient and modern notion that living by the ocean enriches human lives on many levels. Australia has embraced the coastal lifestyle due to its geography and history, rewarding the country with a fortune of culture, happiness and wealth.