Type of website for your business

A website has one primary goal, and that goal is getting customers to visit and patronize your services, however, not every website is great for your online business, and below we will be looking at six types of websites and which one is right for your business. Meanwhile, see here for affordable custom website development.

Type of website for your business


1.  Service Website

The goal of every website is to increase conversions. The word used to describe how your website makes visitors payable to users and to ‘optimize’ the process is called conversion rate enhancement. This means that every part of the website, like every tab and post, welcomes your guests to register. Through your call to action, you will already be in their field of view (CTA).


 2. Ecommerce Website

Just like the service-based website, the main purpose of this kind of platform is to encourage users to shop. The contrast is that an e-commerce platform is better tailored to companies selling several items, instead of a call to sign up for all operations. Note that if your company sells hundreds or even thousands of different items, then you can concentrate on the form feature when building the web.


 3. Brochure Website

There is literally nothing wrong with designing a website whose main aim is to promote the advertisement of your company online; a website brochure is just what you need if conversions are not really the primary consideration. Realize what the organization does, it may seem to be well behind the majority of the corporate community if it doesn’t have a strong online presence.

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4.  Branding Website

A branding website is just like a logo for a business, it tells the consumer everything about the business/company, giving out the necessary information of who you are and what you do, promoting your brand name, and offering recognition. A great example of this is the Apple website. This website creates a feeling of trust between the consumer and the company, letting the consumer know what the company is about.

5.    The Publishing Website

Online pages that concentrate solely on publishing are similar to news portals or blogs – they often rely on an advertisement and paying content to generate revenue. This website applies advertisements to the material of the blog, alternating with the actual content of the site. This gives rise to an uptick in advertisement revenue. This type of website is used if the business is either a news outlet or a blog


6.  The Lead Generation Website

The purpose of the lead generation website is to catch leads. This is perfect if you want to introduce a tourist to a sales funnel or if you want to build a closer friendship with your guests. This is also how businesses use landing pages. This offers you the time to just concentrate on the form that users are supposed to fill up, without distracting them by browsing other parts on your   company website.

To conclude, not every type of website is suitable for your business, I advise that you find a type of website that suits your business, and make use of it.

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