How about some cool kids electric cars

Choosing a gift for a toddler can be exhausting because there are a lot, a lot of options to choose from. So here’s a fantastic option, a Kids Electric Car! Yes, a live size, electric kids car. How cool does it sound! This undoubtedly is going to make any toddler. 

What is a kids electric car? 

Baby size model cars with multiple flashing lights, styled front headlights and rear taillights, and number plates. It also comes with workable and lockable doors, and the child would have many options to play with, including a horn, siren, music, push-button keyless start, forward and reverse switch, accelerator pedal and high or low-speed control.

These electric cars provide a speed of up to 5km/h, averagely up to 2 hours on a full charge based on the battery that they have used. An adult overriding remote control will also be included in case your little one tries to get out of control. Isn’t that like a dream of every toddler? 

Why buy an electric car?

These fun kids electric cars are more than just toys. One can teach their little one about road safety, sustainability and pass on their passion for driving to them by getting the mini version of their favourite ride. The automotive industry has advanced with its technology and has come up with this fun-sized ride-on for babies with the utmost safety. Why let it go to waste? This is one of the safe and yet thrilling ways to enjoy life as a family.

These cars are apt for kids from the age of 1-9 years old and with this, you can help the next generation of drivers to learn to drive safely and know the sustainable options that they have. Other than being an early driving lesson and serving the purpose of a toy by keeping them busy, they also improve their sense of imagination and their motor skills.

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Thus these are enough reasons for one to buy your little one a perfect electric car to allow them to sense the thrill of driving. We have collectively taken some of the best kids electric cars for your little drivers buckling up. Let us find the best one for your little one.

  • Range Rover Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

A ride hugging journey with workable and lockable doors to reveal a superb dash stacked with vivid controls for a start, forward/reverse control, speed, lights, horns and even MP3 connectivity.

  • Range Rover Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

This is great rover police inspired car with Police blue and white checks and the “000” phone number on the side, this amazing ride on will provide endless fun for your budding policeman or policewoman. It also has Police badges and number plates.

  • Range Rover Evoque Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

It is stylish how the Evoque Kids Ride On Car is designed. This one allows the child to ride it like it is almost a real one. 

  • Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Licensed Kids Ride

 Your young one can drive around with the pedal accelerator and steering wheel, or you can control the ride on the car with the supplied remote control. It also features a working horn, flashlights and an audio cable for you to plug in an MP3 player, an iPhone or iPod, so your little one can listen to their favourite songs while driving.

  • Porsche Macan GTS Inspired Kids Ride On SUV
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The ride on SUV itself is a stunning piece of work, including key design cues such as impeccable hot pink paintwork, stylish workable lights, large comfortable moulded seat with seat belt, sleek dashboard with realistic push start button, MP3 connectivity, chrome-plated wheels, rear-wheel suspension and anti-slip tyres. 

Hoping your little one has one safe and fun riding experience!