If you want games that can help you put your brain to good use, then you need to select logic games. Games that are based on puzzles and riddles have been around for decades and they offer you a perfect way to keep your mind in shape. With our hectic lifestyle that can take a toll on our well-being, proper relaxation is essential for our overall happiness.

Logic Games To Enjoy For Hours

Nowadays, there are hundreds of gaming apps available that claim to be logical. If you are looking for a game to install on your smartphone, why don’t you choose something that can make you more intelligent? If you are looking to install the best logic games, you are in the right place. This article gives you some of the top logic games that you won’t stop playing. Let’s get into them. 

  • Blendoku 2

This game is kind of a color puzzle. You use colors to fill in the empty blocks. This game is great as it can help you become a color master. While putting colors may seem like a simple task at first, but you will soon realize that this game requires serious mental gymnastics. Blendoku 2 has up to 500 levels you can play for free. The game’s simple and intrusive nature makes it played by players across the globe. 

  • Unblock Me

Another logic game you should consider trying is Unblock Me. In this game, the player needs to find out how they can get the various colored blocks via the hole. 

The game starts off easy but gets challenging as you continue. Blocks on the board are positioned in either a vertical or horizontal position. The vertical blocks can move up and down, while the horizontal ones can only move right or left. The player will have to shift the blocks around to free a path for the red block. This can prove very difficult at some levels. In addition to that, this game comes with 14,500+ puzzles to solve.

  • Brain It On

Brain It On is a unique logic game. It has a simple appearance that challenges the player to complete a given objective. Each level starts off with an objective written on the screen. The objective can be as simple as drawing a shape. But as you advance, the objective becomes more challenging. One thing about this game is that it dares you to think outside the box. 

  • Logic Pic

Developed by Tapps Games, Logic Pic needs you to use your logic to color locks in a given grid and disclose the hidden picture.

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This logic game is excellent as it allows the player to use their deduction skills and solve puzzles. For you to solve the puzzle, you need to place black squares in the right place based on the numerical patterns on the grid side. After your puzzle is complete, the black and white patterns will unveil the picture underneath. This game has attracted a number of players, thanks to its great range of puzzles as well as an interactive tutorial. 

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