Cricket has produced some incredible records over the years, some likely never to be broken. Of the batsmen that have invested their careers in cricket some have held records long after their careers have ended.

But Cricketers are a competitive bunch of extremely professional sportsmen and the pressure is kept on records each season with batsmen always looking to further their own personal bests and the world standing records behind the game of cricket.

The 3 Best Batting World Records

Whether it’s looking at the longest six in cricket history or the most expensive cricket bat ever purchased, there are some impressive world records when it comes to the world of international cricket.

Highest Score Achieved by a Nightwatchman

An unusual record, the highest score achieved by a nightwatchman is an incredible one given that a nightwatchman’s primary role is to occupy the crease for a few overcome the end of the day. The Bangladesh fielders facing Australia’s Night Watchman of the match, Jason Gillespie, had the pleasure of watching him rack up an astounding and unbeaten 201 during the 2006 test match held in Chiiagong. Coming over 574 minutes and 425 balls the fantastic and unbeaten 201 he achieved is even more incredible given it was his maiden century.

Highest Average in Test Cricket

Cricket is a highly competitive sport where many try, few become truly great cricketers. For these cricketers their biggest ambition is to play test cricket for their countries. Of these fewer still go on to become truly inspirational and achieve long standing success. The record of the highest average in test cricket is held by one of these players.

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Considered universally in cricketing circles as the greatest batsmen ever in the sport’s long history Sir Donald George Bradman holds this achievement with 6996 runs scored at an incredible average of 99.94. During 80 innings over 52 test matches he scored 29 centuries and 13 half centuries.

His innings of 334 runs at the match against England, held in Leeds in 1930 is regarded as his finest. The match included 309 runs in one day. After scoring two triple centuries in test cricket he became known as “the run machine”.

Most Test Runs in a Calendar Year

England cricket player Joe Root has an impressive track record under his belt and this shows no signs of slowing down. He now holds the record of the most test runs by an England batter in a calendar year. This record was previously held by Michael Vaughan; which was set in 2002 – an impressive 1481 tally in a year. Last year Joe Root smashed this with a highly impressive 1541 innings last year. By anyones standards that a huge amount of runs for any batter to participate in and quite rightly puts him at the top of the list for test runs completed by a cricket player in England in a calendar year.

The most test runs, the highest score achieved and even the longest six in history are all records that professional cricket players across the world will be doing their best to beat – after all, who wouldn’t want to be a World Record holder?

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