While the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted people’s life, the online shopping industry has not lost a beat. In fact, a significant number of Orange County’s population have turned to the Internet to purchase products and services from businesses. And because of this, many of the 98,000 business establishments in Orange County have also doubled their efforts to be more visible to online consumers.

So, if you are one of those establishments looking into growing your online presence, a high-quality video from a creative media agency in Orange County can do wonders by establishing your online presence among the local target audience. Here’s how you can use videos to boost your business’ SEO ranking.

  1. Upload Videos to Your Website

Too often, businesses make use of YouTube or third-party video streaming sites to publish their videos. While there is nothing wrong with this, it also links your visitors to a domain that’s not yours. The core objective of SEO is to increase traffic on your website. Therefore, if you post your video on “your” website, every time your video is shared, your domain is shared as well. If you prefer using a third-party site, make sure to include the link to your site. It may not have the same effect as hosting your video in your own domain, but it gives the viewers a chance to visit your website.

  1. Post Where It Is Relevant

Posting your video on a blank page will not do much for your SEO ranking. If you want to improve your site’s ranking, post your video where it makes sense. This tells search engines that your page is high-quality and can hold visitors for longer.

  1. Make Your Videos Informative
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An informative video, pages, and contents hold visitors longer. If guests have questions about your company, services, or products, being able to answer these questions through your content will make them stay longer on your website. Thus you can educate and persuade them into making a purchase. With such frequent actions from consumers, your site will gain credibility, and your business becomes an authority because of the valuable information you provide. As a result, search engines will recognize your website and boost your page more.

  1. Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

A good creative media agency knows the importance of an eye-catching thumbnail. Although you should not judge the book by its cover, videos are judged by their thumbnail. That tiny image that people see when your video has not been played can make or break your content. Choose a frame that tells the story of your video or best represents your brand. Showing an interesting thumbnail in the search engine doubles the possibility of being clicked on by viewers.

  1. Get the Technical Details Right

Uploading your video is only half of the story. Don’t forget about the technical details in the backend to help search engines prioritize and categorize your video. For instance, YouTube uses keywords in the description tag, title tag, number of subscribers, video length, and likes and dislikes to determine your SEO ranking. While not all of these are on you (like the subscribers and video likes), comply with the ones you have control over to help your video rank up.

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Businesses are meant to provide solutions to consumers. Think through your audiences’ possible problems and the common terms your potential leads are using to search for solutions. You will create a list of video ideas to create with your creative media partner in no time. Also, it is important to choose a creative media agency in Orange County since they’ll know what the local audiences prefer, thus making the job easier.