Why Workforce Optimization Software Benefits Supplement Companies

The nutraceuticals industry has seen a recent boom in popularity in the United States. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been focusing on prioritizing their health and wellness. While healthcare providers are becoming overworked and many high-risk people are unable to regularly visit their doctor’s office, more often people are turning to nutritional supplements for their personal wellness.

Why Workforce Optimization Software Benefits Supplement Companies

Now is a better time than ever for aspiring supplement brand owners to try their hand in the business. The following are some great tips for improving efficiency in your operations from your general employees to the supplement manufacturing process.

Automation and Optimization


Arguably one of the most important departments of your supplement business is your customer service team. Because of the pandemic, many businesses have encountered many disruptions in their contact centers and employee engagement. The majority of companies were forced to transition to fully remote operations, and this includes their customer service agents. Just because your team has had to adapt to major business changes doesn’t mean you can’t achieve operational efficiency. With the right workforce optimization software deployments you can easily maintain your customer satisfaction and service levels.

Bright Pattern offers comprehensive and scalable workforce optimization software that can help improve customer interactions and performance management within your company. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from integrating workforce optimization systems. The real-time analytics and insights you can gain from Bright Pattern’s workforce optimization integrations allow your supervisors to diligently monitor agent performance.

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The customer experience depends on the performance of employees. These regular performance management evaluations allow your leadership team to forecast business goals and take appropriate actions to improve agent engagement on an individual level. The software engineers and business experts at Bright Pattern are committed to helping modern retailers achieve operational efficiency in the face of unique obstacles.

Working With Top Supplement Manufacturers

Another major way to ensure operational efficiency within your dietary supplement brand is by partnering with a trusted and experienced dietary supplement manufacturer. The supplement manufacturing process is complex and potentially time-consuming.

The right dietary supplement manufacturer can offer custom formulations while ensuring the purity and potency of the dietary ingredients they use. Your dietary supplements need to be powerful and effective in order to stand out among the competition, and the right supplement manufacturer can help you achieve this.


If you’re unsure of where to start your private label brand journey, try searching “supplement manufacturers USA” to find top options for manufacturing partners. Makers Nutrition is one supplement manufacturer based in the United States that has years of experience working with private label supplement brands.

Private label supplement companies thrive when working with an end-to-end supplement manufacturer. When you work with the experts at Makers Nutrition, you can trust that your dietary supplements are in good hands. Whether you’re looking to create capsules, tablets, powders, or liquids, Makers Nutrition can make the nutritional supplement you’re envisioning a reality.


With one of the largest varieties of dietary ingredients that are all FDA approved and thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet quality standards, Makers Nutrition offers superior manufacturing services. They are proudly a certified cGMP facility, and since the onset of the pandemic, they have been even more diligent about prioritizing transparency in their standard operating procedures.

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Health and safety practices have always been the priority at Makers Nutrition, but now they are focusing on sharing their best practices with their clients in order to provide peace of mind. Partnering with Makers Nutrition means you can be sure all of your dietary supplement products will be highly effective and free from any contaminants.

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