Best tips to write an article for the blog or website. Article writing is an art of writing to attract audiences from the information. Audiences should take action from the data by a website. To become a good content writer, you need to have some skills like good knowledge to research, writing skills, identify flaws in the article, and good edit to look completely professional article. The content writer makes money in freelancers and other job portal sites.


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Many social marketers see articles as the importance of article writing skills because their success depends on it. Content writer needs to read other articles and practice writing skills. You should notice that the content writer picks new words to enhance your vocabulary to have a brilliant start and end of the article. Please spend some time to write eye-catchy headlines, thoughtful and accurate article with keywords in it.

 Best tips for How to Write an article for professional content writers or bloggers. You need to write and practice these tips to increase the strengthen your skills.

Start analysing your website or business to write articles based on traffic. Traffic is not demanded; it is earned. How to analysis the traffic and making notes to write an article based on traffic

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By using this technique, we can study and write an interesting article for our audience. They are

  1. Social media platforms give you the interest of your audience.
  2. Comments and likes on your website
  3. Google Analytics gives you information about accessible pages

we are going to – “what they want from us.”

They are some tools to find the interest of audiences like Type form, google AdWords, Survey, google Analytics, etc.…   


After analysis of the traffic, make some notes before starting the article. Define your goals and set them based on the audience’s interest by analysis. Need results, then start doing this by setting goals.

  • Goals are very important before you starting writing a single word. Every page needs some keyword and defined purpose. Check the page after completion of writing everything, and verify every line, check every goal are achieved on the page.
  • Write an article by using creative, innovative ideas. Write engaging, eye-catching lines on the page.
  • Avoid the distraction lines in the page 

Let’s us dive into action to write articles by imagining how they react to content. Structure the article in powerful way


In the reader’s perspective view, you must get the first impression in the headline and image then you go further in the article

Captions play a significant role in the website and ranking the webpage. Every reader in the search results sees the headline and spent time on the web page.

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Headlines play 80 percent of the viewer’s role. Create a headline that attracts millions of users to web pages and spent. The viral headline will blow people away.

Content of the pages doesn’t go viral, and a headline goes viral- then we need to work to create the best headline for the page. They bring the action on the page by audiences.

Few things you do need to remember while creating a headline:

  • Practice by creatively writing the headline.
  • Use punctuation
  • Be specific
  • Pay more attention to headline length and use the image to Enhance the headline.


Connect them to their problem or issue, bring their attention to solve their issue. Once the audience connects to their problem. They are ready for the desired action.

How to connect them to bring their attention to Interest.

  • Share your personal experience
  • Share Fictional stories
  • Share other people stories

The connection that you need to establish with the audience here by shaping your words, ideas, and creativeness. Educate, entertain them by your experiences pressing problems. It would be best if you connected them with emotional reaction here.  


Once you build Interest in them and connect them to their problem. Here we are going to develop their Interest and show what we are going to provide, solve their problem.

Here we are going to shape the mind and shift minds into the desired action. We are going to show the complete details about how we are going to solve the problem and bring up a new solution.

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Bring desire in the audience to have the action. We are going to show the complete process and needs from it. How is it going to help the audience in real life? How is it going to make life better by action? Explaining the benefits list.


Here we are going to learn how to bring the action. We have worked hard in every step and see results in how it worked.

We are going to the conclusion by simple providing the solution for the problem to the audience. The audience needs urgency and needs simple buttons to click or call to action.

Reduce the statements that remove or reduce the risk for the audience. Use bright colours for the button to attract attention and call-to-action.


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