BEST TIPS FOR SEO KEYWORD RANKING “First come First serve “as everyone follows the top priority and grab the product of search results in the search engine, this is how it works. To get first in the search engine results, we need to work on Keywords and SEO based on the google webmaster guidelines and achieve the goals.
Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any company website strategy. We follow traditional tactics like keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and focus of the content of the body. We never focus, what is required to achieve the SEO keyword ranking in the search engine.


It is very usual for Google to rank a page based on keywords other than the particular page to rank, which we highly recommend, and how you rank for specific keywords depending on your domain authority. To rank your keywords in a google search was easy once, and tactics won’t work for the website, a unique approach is mandatory.

Let us achieve the desired position by the following guidelines of these best tips for SEO keyword ranking by your expert and following the google algorithm changes and webmaster guidelines.

 These are four steps to follow for SEO keyword ranking.

1. Keyword SEO strategy: 

The audience comes to your site in a variety of ways, and to brings more audience through organic search results based on keywords and phrases on the search engine like google, yahoo, Bing. We can reach the audience by advertisements and promote your site to reach and bring them conversions. We have other ways to reach the audience by organic search results free, and keywords are being searched in the search engine for the related query. 


If you want your website to millions of audiences on the first page of search results, you need to learn and work on the search engine working, optimization, and optimize your website. The search engine worked crawl your website and indexed them based on the keywords and phrases in the body content of your website.

Each search engine rank based on the rank criteria, and they look the same on basic on minor change. To reach and rank on the first page of the search engine, we need to research keywords and analyse them based on website and user experience. 

Title tag

The Title tag provides a summary of what people can expect from the page and website. It includes the browser’s title bar and listing in search engine results. If you are targeted specific location people, offers and content headlines should be in the title tag. It was going to help you in indexing the content and describe the content on your website.

<title>this is keyword </title>

Meta description tag

Meta description helps search engines in indexing the web pages and content of the page. The meta description must and should contain the keyword for that page. To rank, the page in the search engine and meta description has limit and 150 characters and avoid using non-numeric characters.

Header tag (H1 Tag)

Every website has pages, and each page in your site should include only one H1 tag. The header tag explains the content in one line and attracts the user to read the page. Bring the attention of the user to the website and eye-catching headline should be given to every page, and it must have keywords in it. Keywords in the header make the page rank in the search engine and help the audience to go for the web page.

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<h1> this is keyword<h1>

Page content

Website content, pages, and images should be related to visitor’s read. Page content must contain the keywords in the body, and keyword density guidelines should follow. Focus on the page for content to subject matter of targeted keyword. Page content should give information about related heading and title based on the search queries in the search results of the website.

Search engine catches you; if you exceed your limits of keyword density, then they will penalize you for crossing guidelines of the search console.

Website navigation

The website should follow some guide rules and make user-friendly for users to stay and get information from the page. Your website should have navigation built for users to access the page on the website. It is best to utilize HTML, CSS for design page, and navigation. Website load time should be very less, and search engines check the navigation of the pages and website.

Websites should have URLs in your navigation that are valid because a broken link is harmful to the website. Check every inbound link to the website.

Site map:

A site map is essentially for directory or menu or a map of all pages on the website. Sitemap guide search engine throughout your site with names and webpages on the website. They can speed up and send crawl to scan and indexing and, in some cases, increase the traffic by indexing traffic. They are two types 1.HTML sitemap 2.XML sitemap

An HTML sitemap is typically linked from the footer and is a web page user can visit to see all information on the page on the website. The XML sitemap is something completely different. This sitemap is only for search engines and some specific codes and algorithms. Every site should have one, and the XML sitemap should be listed in your webmaster tools account.  

Type sitemap.xml to know more in detail about website and webpages in

Image optimization

Images help us in understanding the text and visual text interest to your site. Make sure every image should have the IMAGE ALT TEXT name with your keywords in the headline. The filename should be keyword and gain traffic on the website, and the search engine can crawl the image in IMAGE ALT TEXT and helps you in search engines.

Link building:

Inbound links are the internal links for the website, which pointing from inside to page on the website. Outbound links are the external links for the website, which pointing from outside from webpage on the website. By link building, we can increase our rank, page rank, and domain authority of your website.

Backlinks are links which are point to your site from another website. Search engine weight these more and consider them in page authority, page rank, domain authority. Backlinks refer you link juice passing from one site to another site. A backlink from higher domain authority site to lower website gives more weight in page rank, and domain authority helps in page rank. Make sure to mention keywords in the backlinks and the anchor text with a link.

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Take more time to build and write more valuable content gives you more weigh in domain authority. Social media helps you bring the audience to the website, attention from grows a lot day today. Target big people or celebrities to grab more audience attention in the site or employees for technical knowledge and technical stuff.    

2. Focus on the user experience of your website:

Audience attention and interest towards the website give you more satisfaction. Due to the lack of user experience and performance on the website, lose the audience leave the website. Google wants to make sure that they are providing the best possible quality search for search engine results. You want your website to give the best experience and best performance in loading so that the audience could stay as a while and grab the information.

-Focus on the User Experience by providing them the menu, navigation, and friendly webpages on the website. Reduce the loading speed of the webpages on the internet and develop page content that is optimized and easy to read. Simplify the design of your website and making it easy to find what they are looking on the page.

This includes using a clean, easy-to-colour scheme and font. Develop the page content with keywords that are optimized and easy to read. This includes using heading (H1 TAGS) and categories to help users to find the content they are looking for.    


      Create Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles also plays a significant while audience to your website. The title tag is your biggest million-dollar cheque to catch the eyes of the user and encourage them to click on the page. Get exciting content and engaging content and valuable content.

Optimize site content for Google’s featured snippets based on the audience experience on the website. Snippets help you grab the attention of the audience towards the exciting deals, and offers to make it more exciting for the user to go for the deal.  

Create infographics images and videos for better understanding the content and information for the user. Create cache words and phrases for body content to give more feel and understanding the solution for a related problem. Target keywords should be included towards the beginning of the title tag, encourage the user to take action on it. 

3. Make your website faster and secure 

 Make it friendly content and reduce load time. 

Design the website with HTML and CSS to make the user-friendly experience in mobile and desktop in every operating system in the browser. By design user, a friendly experience website gives an intimate moment in the audience interaction and connects with their problems raise in the traffic. Focus on the navigation and pages title along with on-page optimization like title, meta description, header H1 tags, and snippets. 


Secure the website with https and boost up by reducing the plugins  

Secure website with HTTPS, which has encryption level security to users, feels confidence and official website with protecting information. Google will boost website which has HTTPS, and secure connection will provide support in page rank. 

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Make the website more mobile-friendly sites. 

According to Google, 57% of websites only are mobile websites on the internet. The website which is more mobile-friendly will give more traffic and provide more information in handy and reach every corner of the world.   

· Analyse the bounce rate in google analytics to increase the page rank optimization of websites.

4. Analyse the competition and use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy.  

measure your rankings

you’re here to differentiate among others in competition based on keywords, and competition is the way you already doing it. Every website has Domain authority, Page Rank, and Backlinks to beat the competition in the search engine results by high authority websites. While page rank in search engine results based on keywords and phrases, other factors based on Domain Authority, Backlinks, Page rank to rank in search engine from High authority websites. 


Target the Right Keywords 

Look for Right keywords for on-page and off-page in the website. Research the keywords in tools like Ahref, Google keyword planner, search engine results. Find the more valuable keywords to rank in the search engine based on the body content and header tag.

Look for rightful keywords based on the website, user category, and domain URL’ S. Match the exact keywords for the body content and header tag in domain URL’ S. Use several keyword tools to get a sense of the search volume keyword before you finalize your keyword choice.



Use tools like Ahref, keyword tool for keyword research. Use free tools like google search results, ubersuggest. 

Stay on Top of Algorithm Updates

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and search engine results are updated by Algorithms and work very effectively give quality search results for the user. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will be released updates regarding search engine results and SEO optimization, keywords, title consideration for ranking top on the search results.

Stay updated on the SEO Optimisation and work continually to the rank page on the web page. Try the experiment with new techniques for ranking in search engines and learn from failures.  

Provide Answers to the Questions People Are Asking

Please give them a solution to the problem and bring more attention, interest, and action that we are looking at that website. The audience looks for information and adds more eye cache words on the page. Use the phrases, keywords, cache words, and accent in the body to grab the attention and action towards the website. 

That’s it! How we work on our pages and hundreds of keywords related to search marketing. Take a little time to work on keywords and build backlinks to grow your customer base with your search results. See you at the top of the search engine results.   

Vijaysaiis a young entrepreneur and expert in the digital marketing industry. I Worked for small business organizations and good knowledge of SEO, SEM, SMM and Google AdWords. Like includes cricket, tennis, and cooking. 



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