If you are running a business, you know how crowded and competitive the market is. Turning a business into a profitable model takes a heavy toll on the mind.

Modern technology provides several tools and avenues to showcase the brand or product to customers. You should be wise enough to choose a tool that suits your business.

Tactics to Increase Sales with Video Content

One of the best ways to reach more customers is to make a video of your brand or product. An informative, entertaining, and fun-filled video can pull customers within no time.

An individual currently spends around 2 to 3 hours every day watching videos or content related to videos on the internet. According to studies, video traffic on the internet would reach 82% by 2021.

Another research has shown that around 44% of customers want businesses to produce more video content informing them about their products. Videos produce immediate impact and have the highest ROI than any other form of marketing.

You should give importance to producing videos to make your product visible in the market. Using apps or tools like InVideo also helps in making videos that grab the eyeballs of the customers.

So are you ready to shoot a video?

What would you do with the video after shooting?

Don’t know the answer; keep reading to know how to increase sales with your video content.

  1. Posting Videos on YouTube

YouTube has single-handedly changed the fate of several start-ups and small businesses around the world. If you are planning to shoot a video of your product, you must open a YouTube channel.

Uploading the video on your YouTube channel would allow you to get more customers for your products. Once you upload the video, you don’t have to worry about losing it since it would be there forever.

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You can share the link of the video on social media, email, or other apps to increase the views for the video.

If you are shooting a video for YouTube, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep the video as short as possible (Less than 2 minutes is considered optimal)
  • The video should be technically sound
  • Make the video fun and entertaining
  • Use graphics to impart information about your product
  • Don’t include any controversial elements

Be patient with views and subscribers. The views and subscriptions will increase as you keep posting videos on your channel; engagement is the key to utilizing YouTube. Analyze the results and make adjustments to produce unique content.

A viral video may make your product popular overnight.

  1. Using Social Media to Increase Views

Social media can get you loyal and permanent customers. Posting and sharing videos or the link of videos you uploaded on YouTube would get you instant views and subscribers.

Create a page for your brand and share videos regularly so that your brand name remains fresh on the minds of people even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are pushing the video content to increase engagement.

Make sure you don’t give a long gap between posts. If you are unable to shoot videos, then turn images into videos using the InVideo app by clicking this link here and post the videos on your account.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. use different formats and durations for videos, so keep in mind those aspects and ratios if you are shooting for a particular social media.

An innovative and interesting caption for your video would attract the attention of users.

  1. Posting Videos on Dedicated Website

Creating a website for your business is no longer an option. If you want to progress in your field, you must have an official website.

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When people start hearing or watching videos of your product, they would start searching the internet for more information.

An official website can give exclusive and extended information on your products. Instead of writing long paragraphs explaining your company and range of products, replace it with videos.

The length of the videos can be extended beyond two minutes since the users accessing your website come to look for more information.

An image says a thousand words, and a video can explain complex things easily in a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Going Live on Social Media Platforms

Most of the social media platforms provide the option of going live on a user’s account.

This option lets you directly interact with your customers and assess their interest in your products.

Plan your live events when you are about to launch a new product or making changes to your brand.

Going live at a scheduled time and day weekly would allow you to generate loyal customers for your products.

Keeping the duration of live events longer and interacting with your customers would give them a sense of belonging, creating a long-lasting bond between your brand and customers.

Collaborating with celebrities and social media influencers in live events would attract more views. Incorporating your customers in your plans will make them happy and make them stay connected.

Among all social media, Facebook is considered to be the best platform for going live.

  1. Creating Personalized Videos

A loyal customer would get excited if he/she gets rewarded for his loyalty. Many businesses have been using short personalized videos to increase their loyal customer base.

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Making personalized videos for your customers would boost their trust in your brand and products because it makes them feel connected. Plan personalized videos at least once a year to surprise your customers.

Personalized videos get circulated on social media, popularizing the brand’s user connect, brand’s value, and products.

Results have shown that the views on YouTube and other platforms have increased manifold after customers received personalized videos.

  1. Shooting Videos for Mobiles

Making videos that are exclusively viewed on mobiles would capture the attention of youth quickly.

More than 34% of the people around the world watch videos on mobile.

Creating mobile-friendly content would allow them to instantly access videos and respond immediately.

A mobile-friendly video gains more views and has a high probability of going viral.

  1. Never Forget Call-to-Action

Every video you upload, share, or send should include a call-to-action in the end. If you don’t make customers consider buying your products, there is no point investing in a video.

Include graphics, phrases, or even links at the end of the video and in the description so that people can go to the website to buy your product.

Offering discounts or rewards for clicking on the link or buying the product after watching the video would help in increasing the sales.     

We hope this article helps you understand how to leverage videos for your business. Remember to always make videos for your suited audience and device, as most of the users are on their phones. Utilizing every strategy will help you grow rapidly yet organically. Good luck!

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