While truck accident victims deal with their injuries and damages, they also have to handle insurance claims. The insurance company will not make it any easier for you to get compensation for the losses procured in the accident. However, dealing with the insurance company comes in later once you have derived who the liable party is. Determining the liable party in a truck accident can be challenging because of the multiple parties involved. Unlike car accidents, truck accidents have more than one party responsible for the accident. For example, if the driver did not own the truck that caused the accident, they might not be the liable party. 

You will have to contact the owner of the truck, which might be a traveling or expert company that hired the driver. Nevertheless, sometimes determining the liable party becomes tricky in such a situation; you must get expert help from an experienced truck accident lawyer. So ensure to contact Caruso Law Offices, P.C. as soon possible and cover losses. 

Possible at-fault parties in a truck accident 

  • The truck driver 

The most evident fault party to consider as the truck driver was the accident scene. However, there are specific conditions to that. After the accident, you need to confront the truck driver and ask them various deities about the ownership of the vehicle, license plate number, and insurance [policy. 

If the driver owns the truck, then the liable party in that position is the truck driver. You can either claim your losses to the truck driver’s insurance company or the truck driver. Moreover, if the truck driver does not have an insurance policy, it might become challenging for you to get your compensation. 

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Nevertheless, it is not impossible. You can always contact a truck accident lawyer and discuss all the possible options; if there is no other option left, you might have to register a lawsuit against the truck driver, and the court will then decide who will compensate for the losses you sustained in the accident. 

  • The trucking company 

Even though the truck driver has caused the accident, sometimes they are not liable to compensate for your losses. This happens when the truck is not owned by the driver but by a trucking company. 

If the driver is not the truck’s owner, the trucking company has to pay for all the losses you procured in the accident. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions to it. For example, the vehicle might sometimes have specific mechanical issues that the driver is unaware of. But since they do not own the car, it is not their responsibility to maintain the condition and function of the truck. 

In such a situation, the trucking company has to provide you with benefits for the injuries and damages sustained in the accident.