How To Extend Your Life With A Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans… poor loyal and dedicated friends committed to keeping you cool around the clock.

They can be both a good replacement for your air conditioner and as support to enable adequate circulation of AC air and coolness in your space.

How To Extend Your Life With A Ceiling Fan

But do you know you can extend your life just with a ceiling fan?

By following the nuggets shared below, you can avoid getting caught in any of the most tricky ways through which your ceiling fan can become your worst enemy.

Let’s get started.

Wipe Every Week

Whether you’re living in the busy part of the city where smokey, dusty air makes its way into your home from the manufacturing factories and the traffic of cars all around you.

Or you’re on the hilly rural part where you often find the dust of summer and the dirt from your booth settling on your table and other home appliances.

Wiping your fan every week is a must.

Make it a weekly ritual and the god of health will have its wings around you, making sure that the air you breathe from your fan is dust-free.

And the benefits to that? You’re not exposed to breathing difficulties. You’re protected from allergens. And your home looks healthy.

Depending on how much time you can invest in this, however, make sure every wipe counts.

Repair And Maintenance

Like other home appliances, your ceiling fan has its own technical health too.

And it only makes sense to pay attention to it. Here’s why.

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Appliances not given a scheduled, professional repair and maintenance are the cause of most injuries and accidents in both homes and offices.

Besides, without adequate maintenance and repair, you’ll only have to walk in one day to meet your investment in total ruin.

Save stories that touch by reaching out to Licensed Electrician contractors in New York City, NY – H&A NYC Electrician.

It can be all it takes to protect the lives of your family at home and the lives of your employees at work.

Monitor The Control

Unreasonable control of your fan can expose you to danger.

Especially if yours comes with remote control, keep it away from the reach of kids that may press the wrong button out of curiosity and end up getting hurt.

Also, if you’re keeping a pet, cats especially, make sure your remote control is out of the reach of your fluffy baby.

Another thing though. Pay attention always to the responsivity of your control.

If you notice a malfunctioning or you find that a button is no longer active, turn off your fan and check your manual for a guide.

Otherwise, call in a technician.

Notice The Distance Change

Fans are ideally hung 7-9feet above the floor. This is to secure your safety while still making sure that you receive all the coolness coming from the fan.

But when you start noticing a change in that distance, chances are that your fan will fall off soon.

Another way to know whether your fan is out of position is to listen for an unusual sound.

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If your fan is making a noise, protect yourself by calling in the repair guy now.

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