Download thoptv for pc

ThopTV is one of the topmost android applications that will let you watch thousands of different TV channels from any of your android devices like smartphone or PC. ThopTV can be downloaded easily for Windows PC within less time and it is a free application.

How to Download ThopTV  APK for PC & Windows 10


It doesn’t require any subscription for watching your favorite channels. ThopTV provides free streaming on any platform. If one likes to download ThopTV for Windows PC, then here is guidance to download it. Thop TV is also provided with multiple features like any other application.

ThopTV APK Attributes:

ThopTV does not require any special device features for its functionality. In any device (either a smartphone or in PC) it can be installed if you have memory space of 1 GB RAM.

Apart from above things you require an emulator should be installed in your PC like Blue stacks. Downloading Blue stacks is also an easy method and it is completely free of cost.

Its a best option for sports lovers of Basketball, Football, Cricket, Tennis etc. to watch channels like Pogo, HBO, ESPN and FX at one stop that is ThopTV. If these channels are unavailable for you then Download thoptv for windows now on your PC and enjoy streaming.

Now a days many have the hobby of watching series, so ThopTV database is loaded with many series of different languages. One can enjoy all kinds of series at any time and with free of cost.

  • ThopTV provides you with access to around 5000 plus channels including radio and tv channels. There are at most 400 Indian channels that can be easily accessed through ThopTV.
  • In its interface ThopTV provides options like sorting and filtering favorite channels at your fingertips for easy access. So that you can categorize your frequently watched channels at one place.
  • There is also availability of getting notified when your frequently watched content is updated. New movies can be watched any time for free of cost.
  • Enabling subtitles is possible while streaming the content of different languages, which would help to better understand the TV channels.
  • ThopTV has its own service team to resolve any of your issues if any at any time. You can easily chat with customer support describing your issue or you can diel them directly.
  • Out of all the advantages listed above it’s a simple process that needs to be followed during downloading ThopTV for your personal PC. Adding to this there are no special charges to stream ThopTV.
  • Let’s not wait to stream your favorite content from ThopTV, follow below steps to download ThopTV for your personal PC.
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Guidelines for Downloading ThopTV APK for Windows PC

  1. ThopTV does not have its own application that can be downloaded directly onto your PC.
  2. First install an emulator called Blue stacks on to your PC from any official website. Run the application by accepting the software terms and conditions.
  3. Now Blue stacks will ask you to login using your google account so that play store is enabled for you in Emulator which later allows you to download ThopTV for free.
  4. As a next step go to the play store window where you can search for the ThopTV key word and then click on install ThopTV.
  5. It will provide a process guide for ThopTV apk  installation process go through it properly and then proceed for installation of ThopTV.
  6. Before starting your installation it may ask to select below parameters
  • For Windows 10 64 -bit
  • For Windows 10 32 -bit
  • For Windows 7 64 -bit
  • For Windows 10 32 -bit
Choose any one of them according to your PC specifications.
  1. Now again go to Blue stacks application and give a double click on ThopTV icon and it will ask to run the application.
  2. Run it and that’s all your ThopTV streaming application is ready now. Enjoy watching any of your favorite content for free of cost.

Download ThopTV APK


1.How to install ThopTV on a Mac based PC?

Downloading ThopTV for Mac based PC is simple like downloading it for Windows based PC.

2.Is Emulator mandatory for downloading ThopTV for PC?

Yes, any of the android emulators like Blue stacks must be installed in your PC before installing ThopTV.

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3.Is this safe to install ThopTV in my device?

Yes, ThopTV APK is a completely safe application that can be installed in your PC or smartphone to stream your favorite radio and video content.

4.Do I need to pay for downloading ThopTV APK ?

No, ThopTV installation and usage is completely free if you have an android device and good internet. It will not charge anything for any type of channels or subscriptions.

5.Is ThopTV can be downloaded for android devices with any specification?

Yes, ThopTV can be downloaded in any android device with any kind of features. All you need is a free memory space of 1GB in your device.

Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)

Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit)


Though ThopTV availability is not official for Windows and Mac devices. It can be easily downloaded and installed with the help of an emulator like Blue stacks, Blue batteries.

Infront taking headache like paying for monthly subscriptions for your favorite channels it is better and easy to have ThopTV installed in your android device for uninterrupted entertainment.

So, It is suggested to download ThopTV immediately and start listing your favorite channels and content to watch.

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