Some developers don’t realize what steps are waiting for them after they create the app. Nothing just happens without doing anything. If you are ready to introduce your app to the world and you want to reach success in the amount of the installs of your software, you should know how to market an app and be ready to build a proper mobile app marketing strategy. Otherwise, your app will get lost in the sea of other existing applications. 

Make a Website With All The Needed Information About Your Application 

It should contain a detailed description of your product, where you clearly define the problem which your app can solve, photos, screenshots, tutorials, FAQ, and contact information in case your users have some questions or suggestions. Don’t forget about putting relevant keywords into the text, which is a very important part of SEO strategy. Start a blog section on your website where you can post all the needed details about the product’s updates or other interesting and relevant information. 

Try to Engage Your Target Audience Using Social Media

Just leaving your link somewhere is not enough. Being active on social media is a very important marketing strategy because it’s the best way to be in touch with your potential users. If you are creative enough, you can easily build interest in your product by teasing new promos, intriguing with new updates, and so on. 

Moreover, it is recommended to be active in groups relevant to your niche. You can look for questions from potential customers and share your expertise, provide value, and recommend testing your application as well.

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Pitch Tech Blogs and App Review Websites

You have to make people intrigued by your upcoming or already launched application. Many users download the apps relying on bloggers’ recommendations. So all you need to do is to find bloggers who have authority in your niche, get their contact information, and email them your attractive pitch. Don’t forget to add to your email some extra bonuses on using your application or provide other value to their audience because bloggers rarely do such things for free. If some of them reply to your email, you can start a dialogue and agree on the conditions that suit both sides. 

Apply for Product, Design, and Other Awards

There are a lot of special organizations that give prizes to new and useful products for their idea, design, uniqueness, and so on. Look for these contests online and apply to those where you think you might win. This way many people can discover your application. 

Pay enough attention to App Store Optimization of Your App’s Listings

Be sure that you have a proper product description, icon, screenshots, contact information, and so on. Also, there are a lot of catalogs and directories where you can submit your application. There are not as many users here, though some percentage of the target audience you still can get. 

Offering Discounts is a Great Marketing Way as Well 

For example, if you have an app to learn Japanese that has a limited free trial, you can propose a cheaper price for the first 3 days, week, month in case the user will share it on social media or refer your product to a friend. Try to engage users to create a buzz around your application and offer them something useful in return.

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These are just some of the tips you can use to promote your mobile product and build its strong presence online in the competitive market we have nowadays. 

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