How a Physical Whiteboard Helps Make Online Learning Effective

Online learning is fun and different. Unfortunately, for most kids, it can become monotonous and annoying quite quickly. Because staying home to carry out all kinds of outdoor activities digitally can spell the difference between staying alive and winding up infected, little ones have no other choice but to remain in front of laptops or tablets during school hours.

Fortunately, there are certain things that parents may do to make online learning always exciting and engaging for their children.

In many instances, something as simple as the introduction of visual aids can create a huge difference in the way kids see learning from home. It’s a wonderful idea for visual aids to stay visible after switching off laptops or tablets. Having a physical whiteboard and a whiteboard marker where children conduct their online classes is recommended.

Perks a Whiteboard Offers

Whiteboards are not only suitable and functional in boardrooms and chemistry labs. Especially these days, when everyone has to spend most of the time indoors to steer clear of catching a virus, whiteboards are the perfect additions to living spaces. This is particularly true where online businesses are being run, and online classes are being held.

One of the many benefits that a whiteboard offers when it comes to online learning is that its presence can keep kids engaged. It doesn’t come as a surprise because, according to experts, 50% of their brain is devoted to visual processing.

Using whiteboards also helps make it easier for little ones to recall important information. It allows them to bring to mind details even if their laptops or tablets are switched off.

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What’s nice about whiteboards is that they are multipurpose tools. For instance, with the help of whiteboard magnets, charts, diagrams, photographs, and others can be presented to children, for them to marvel at as necessary. Colourful sticky notes also help grab the attention of kids, thereby making it more effective for them to learn from home.

Whiteboard Markers Add Colour Elements

A whiteboard is not as useful and effective without a whiteboard marker. These days, fortunately, markers for whiteboard use are no longer limited to blue and black colours. Parents and their kids, too, will be more than happy to know that there are various colours to choose from, each one making the use of whiteboards more fun and effective.

Green, red, pink, orange, purple, brown — these are some of the colours whiteboard markers are available in. The more colour options, the better!

When shopping for whiteboard markers, it’s not just bold and bright colours that parents should take into account. Especially because it’s their little ones who will be using markers, it is recommended to look for features such as:

  • Low-odour.Aside from giving off low-odour, it’s also important for the marker’s odour to be non-offensive.
  • Does not dry out quickly.Markers that dry out after being uncapped for a few hours waste money and take away the fun.
  • Other than traditional whiteboards, markers should also be compatible with enamel or melamine surfaces, or electronic boards.
  • Non-toxic.It’s of utmost importance for whiteboard markers to be free of chemicals that can harm kids.
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Laptops and tablets are not the only important tools for online learning. To keep children from getting bored and unfocused, it’s a great idea for parents to also utilise traditional learning tools, and whiteboards and colourful whiteboard markers are some of them.

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