Reasons to join online BA courses

One of the widely sought after undergraduate degrees is Bachelor of Arts or BA in the country. The Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) is very lucrative to many students who are looking forward to entering various professions such as journalism, teaching, media, advertisement and so forth. More established universities also have their bachelor of arts courses in online options. This article highlights some of the major benefits of student enrollment in virtual BA courses.

1.   Convenience of learning

The online BA courses provide students with a certain kind of freedom that is very useful. Students no longer need to report at the campus during fixed periods for studies with the advent of online course programs, rather they are free to choose a suitable study time as well as speed. This is made possible by technology that allows them to view study materials as well as some recordings of past sessions at any convenient time for them to do so. They can therefore manage their study, work and other personal commitments such as family.

2.   Affordable fees

The majority of universities offer comparatively reduced charges for their online degree courses, unlike the traditional campus based ones. First, this is due to the fact that online programs are less maintenance-intensive and infrastructurally demanding for the universities. Consequently, students can pursue their bachelor’s degrees more cheaply via the distance learning technique. This provides students with opportunity of obtaining higher and quality education.

3.   Access to recorded lectures

Students have the chance of getting into saved videos in online bachelor’s programs. These lectures also enable students to go back and watch them as many times as possible, thereby strengthening their interpretation and comprehension abilities. This eases the process of learning and enables it to sink in easier. Also, students have an option of pausing, rewinding and fast-forward the lectures in accordance to their own learning speed.

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4.   Exposure to global faculty

Famous professors around the globe are called upon to lecturer at the highest ranking schools’ distance learning courses. This broadens student experience by exposing them to various global viewpoints from world-renowned professors. Other than that, students also have a chance to familiarize themselves with the guest lecturers delivered the specialists from the market. This includes traveling, going to museums or art galleries and so forth which contribute to the extension of their mental boundaries.

5.   Career guidance and support

Since many online institutions that offer BA degree programs also afford their students with comprehensive career counseling and assistance, they can assist students in choosing a suitable career path for themselves. For example, students have access to resume workshops, preparation for interviews, career counselling, and job placement after graduating among other facilities. Consequently, such services enhance their chances of securing employment after completing studies.

6.   Skill-based certifications

Additionally, some of these online bachelor’s programmes include additional certificates on specific skills such as content writing, digital marketing, and graphic design among others that have value in the job market due to their being an industry requirement. These act as unique identification of students in making their resumes outstanding in case of job applications.

7.   Global exposure and network

Pursuing online ba also gives a chance to get a worldwide experience with a cross-cultural student fraternity. An online BA program involves talking to people physically located at various parts of the world. These give them a chance to relate with different cultures, traditions, and perspectives by participating in real-time conversations or group activities. Together, students form a group with fellow students from different parts of the world; they jointly undertake project presentation and assignments.It provides them with an opportunity to experience the phenomenon of the cross-cultural communication and managing international undertakings in real-time.

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8.   Self-paced learning

One of the main benefits of getting a BA online is the ability to learn at your own pace. Students may learn at their own speed in an online school without having to adhere to a set schedule. Students are able to schedule their study sessions, choose how long to spend on each one, and go over material again at their own pace and comprehension level. This lets students study in accordance with their preferred method of learning, regardless of how quickly they pick up ideas or how long it takes them to master complicated subjects. They have control over their learning process thanks to the self-paced format. There are no consequences for students who change their study pace, speed, or take breaks as needed.


Online BA programs from Sikkim Manipal University offer numerous advantages like flexibility, affordability, career support and global exposure that make them a wise choice for students. The convenience of learning from anywhere makes online BA courses suitable for working professionals as well as fresh graduates. With quality education becoming more accessible through the digital mode, online BA is definitely the way forward.