bhim app for pc

BHIM APP FOR PC : People often wonder whether a mobile app might work on a laptop or a Computer? Okay, older PC systems can do it, but it’s not the best way to do it and is only used on a mobile device. In India, a sudden rise in people who are trying to use more online transactions over cash transactions has seen the launch of the bhim app happen.Bhim has already been installed onto their Ios, iPhone and Windows Phone computers by millions of users.

How To Download BHIM App For PC

bhim app for pc

However, there are people that are looking for a Windows pc bhim app so they can send and get cash using the application on their database.Using Bhim App for PC, desktop can help you with the digital payment from your Windows PC. Bharat Money Interface, or also popular as BHIM, helps you to send and receive money with just one click using UPI payment addresses.

People secure their money within a bank these day. We always need to go to the banks for cash deposits, but you can do it with the help of an App like Simple Bank, in this digital world. The BHIM is the helpful and recommended app for you, and this is the answer to your money transactions in a bank.BHIM is one of your PC’s best apps, helping you to have secure and comfortable money transfers.

If you are looking for a reliable Online Transactions App that sends money and transfers to a bank, BHIM is your best android.You are not the only one looking for windows BHIM app. There are plenty of people who want to get the BHIM app PC version. Because they like to use BHIM app on PC and use it to make a payment. The PC is more practical and secure to use for most people than a smart phone.

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Features BHIM App For PC :-

  • Access all your bank accounts in a single location.
  • Pay out bills such as coal, water, electricity etc.
  • Pay or claim money via BHIM UPI.
  • Perform smartphone on-line recharges.
  • Send and receive cashless money via digital technology.
  • Just one tap to Pay and Scan QR.
  • Online from home using BHIM store.

Steps to Download BHIM App for PC With Bluestacks

  1. Start downloading App Player Bluestacks to your computer.
  2. Look for the Play store button in the Bluestacks emulator after installation.
  3. Search on Play store search for “BHIM-Making India Cashless.” You will see BHIM app for pc results.



                                             How to generate BHIM App QR Code

bhim app for pc

After BHIM Setup has been completed.You can use UPI phone number or Qr code to transfer money, but if you’re conflicted on how to send payments, you can follow the instructions below on the main screen. Here you will have possibilities to pay.BHIM App Send Money Click Send button on screen Enter the UPI address of the person you are willing to pay Click Ok button on next screen.

How to Know my UPI address in BHIM?

After the Setup, UPI address is created in the BHIM app. UPI address you entered in BHIM is your own Mobile. Your UPI phone number will, for example, be mobilenumber@upi i.e., 6300893831@upi.

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