Weddings are pivotal events that details such as wedding suits have to be pristine, if not perfect. A tiny fold in the sleeve or a loose thread in the neckline of your wedding suit can be a deal-breaker. Anyone who knows better is wise enough to consult a dependable wedding store such as oxford shop wedding suit or read an informative guide.

Choose the Right Fabric

Both the fabric material and colour create a drastic impact on wedding suits. The reason goes beyond aesthetics. For instance, in tropical countries, breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, and polyester, are a wise option, as they prevent excessive sweating. In cooler temperatures, worsted wool is the preferred material as it looks sleek and feels warm.

Dress for the occasion, dress for the location. A beach wedding calls for lighter colours and airy fabrics. Darker colours, meanwhile, suit more formal, evening celebrations held indoors.

Design-wise, you have the freehand to choose between a timeless black wedding suit or a fashionable pinstripe suit. Bear in mind that your wedding suit needs to match the motif or theme. Practicality also dictates that classic styles remain wearable over the years, thus allowing you to maximise returns on investment.

Get the Right Fit

In wedding suits, the fit is king. Some couples prefer ready-made suits like what oxford shop wedding suit provides because time or budget is limited. Such an option is perfectly fine, provided you know of a handy sewist who can perform reasonably-priced alterations for you. A man in a well-fitted budget suit looks more polished and confident than a man in a fancy, ill-fitted suit.

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Ask for expert help in getting the right fit. For general information, wedding suits can have a regular, slim, or tailored fit. A regular fit leaves enough room for movements and is ideal for large builds. A slim fit is appropriate for men with 8 inches drop, the difference between the chest measurement and the waist measurement. Lastly, a tailored fit is more structured and features a midway option for freer movements.

Do not underestimate the power of proportion. Get one that is properly fitted. Same goes if you are a guest at the wedding. Even guests have to invest in their attire.

Find your Style

There are no hard rules on accessorising wedding suits. Add cufflinks, wear a silk tie, or insert a stem of the rose into your suit pocket – whatever makes you feel confident, wear it. You can copy styles from magazines or ask a stylist for tips.

While personal preferences are significant factors, accessories should be tasteful enough to stand out from the groom’s men but not overshadow your bride.

Allot Time

One helpful trick to avoid social faux is to perform a dress rehearsal with a third person as the judge. Anything that is off should be fixed during dress rehearsals. That said, allot enough time. From conceptualisation to actual fitting, creating wedding suits require a long preparation time to avoid rushing dress fittings and allowing alterations. Check out other practical tips on choosing wedding suits.

Grooms should be equally invested in their suits as the brides are in their wedding gowns. Consider it a wise investment. Regardless of the style you wear, wear it with confidence. Instead of following trends, find the wedding suit that rightfully fits your build, personality, and the occasion.

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