Sydney, the capital city of NSW, Australia, has a harbour with a total area of fifty-five square kilometres. Sydney harbour is also considered the principal port of New South Wales and is one of the finest natural harbours globally.

Three Reasons to Hire a Private Boat

Because of Sydney’s coastline appeal, there are boat hire, Sydney Harbour companies that offer boat charters for just about any reason imaginable. Here are some activities to do when you hire a boat for the day.

Sport Fishing

Sydney is home to a multitude of fish species unique to the Australian continent. Because Australia is somewhat isolated with only New Zealand as its closest neighbour, the fish species found within the continent’s waters grow larger than anywhere in the world.

The large fish varieties in Sydney waters is the main reason why sport fishing is immensely popular. You can catch some of the best fish species by booking a fishing charter boat.

Sportfishing is a thrilling and exciting sport to get into. However, it may be expensive to hire a fishing charter boat on your own. You can make your fishing adventure more affordable by inviting a few of your friends to come along for the ride or even try to catch the fish with you.

There are fishing charter boats to hire for as low as $467 per hour with a maximum passenger capacity of new fishing boats for sale of ten people. So, if you maximise your passenger limit, you and your friends will only spend $46.70 per hour to get a thrilling sport adventure.

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Private Parties

Hiring your private yacht charter in Tulum is also great for hosting exclusive parties for a select group Hen parties, bachelorette parties, and even corporate parties become more enjoyable onboard a yacht. There are yachts and boats of different sizes that can accommodate parties of up to 150 people.

Hiring a yacht as a party venue may be expensive if you are shouldering the cost. However, if you and your friends pitch in with the cost, you may find it cost-effective. The yachts, when rented, cost an average of $50 per person per hour.

The good thing about renting a private boat for your parties is that you can minimise your expense with the drinks as you can bring your drinks on board. Bringing your drinks will allow you to have an open bar party, with drinks at liquor store costs.

Romantic Getaways for Two

If you want to impress your special somebody, you can choose to hire a yacht for a romantic dinner as you cruise with the Sydney Skyline lights as your ambience. There is no need to worry about paying for the whole yacht since there are boat hires in Sydney Harbour offering arrangements to schedule your dinner cruise with other couples who will share the cost while giving you the intimacy that you need.

The above activities are just three of the many events that you can hold onboard your hired boat in Sydney Harbour.

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