The windows computers in the shape of laptops and desktops are widely used by the people of the world. These machines are equally famous and reliable for the corporate sector, where employers provide these state of the art machines to their employees in order to do their assigned work convincingly and before the deadlines.

These machines, when connected to the internet, enable users to gathers research material for the work, to do digital marketing, and to make connects related to the business. The business worlds, especially that is based on cyberspace, have to use computer machines in order to promote their brands and to deal with the clients online.


Therefore the rise and rise of technology have forced people to set their online business, and the windows computer machines are the best devices to do the job easily within a reasonable investment. On the other hand, the young generation that is studying in colleges and in the universities usually gets their hands on Windows devices for research and for the entertaining online activities.

So, the windows devices have been integrated with human lives no time ever before. On the other hand, people also want in the corporate sector and parents to monitor the windows machines to keep an eye on kids’ and teens’ and employees’ activities, respectively.

What should they do?

They just need to use the computer monitoring software in order to spy windows machines. TheOneSpycomputer monitoring spyware enables a user to track the activities that happen on the target windows device within real-time. Therefore, a user should use the TOS windows surveillance app in order to spy on target windows computers.

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First, a user has to install the windows tracking spyware on the device, and after the successful attempt of the installation process, activate the spy app for windows.

Get Started with TOS & Spy on Windows

TheOneSpy is known for a variety of monitoring products, and the windows tracking program is one of its best products. It provides users plenty of tools to apply a convincing monitoring procedure. Let’s discuss in the following the state of the art tools of the windows spy program.

On-demand screenshots

TheOneSpy Windows spy software enables a user to get their hands on screenshots of all the activities a target user has done on the windows device. That means a user has power, whether it is employer or parents to view each and every single activity produced by the target person or employees or kids and teens. They can view the nature of the activity by getting on-demand screenshots through the TOS windows tracking app.

Real-Time Monitoring

No matter what type of activities has performed by the target user on the windows computer, it will provide useful real-time monitoring of all the activities to the fullest. The user can come to know what employees are doing on their machines and what real kids and teens are making commands on the target windows computer device.

Website Blocking

A user has full freedom to block all the websites that are considered inappropriate for them. They can put the URLs of the particular websites into the filters and put their worries to rest. Employers will be able to stop employees from wasting time on particular websites, and parents will be able to stop visiting websites that could be sexually exploited.

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User-friendly Reports

A user can see the activities report from time to time, and they will do the actions against any unauthorized activities. Therefore, it is the tool that is best for the corporate sector and as well as for parental use. So, we can say the days are gone when employers have to face time-wasting activities by the employees and when parents feel helpless on their kids and teens inappropriate activities in the locked room.

Online & Offline tracking

It allows a user to do both online and offline and online activities on the target windows device to the fullest.

Invisible Mod of Monitoring

A user can also do the invisible mod of tracking and don’t let a user know that someone has to keep an eye on the activities they are doing on the target windows machine.


No matter what is being performed by the target user, TheOneSpy empowers a user to keep an eye on all the activities to the fullest.

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