katha book for pc

Download Bhai Khata Book for pc and APK Khata Book is a book with a Ledger account. The users have to spend hours tallying and recording the transactions using the standard bahiKhata book.

We don’t host Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account 4.2.5 on our servers, so we weren’t scanning it for viruses, adware, spyware or any malware form.

This app is hosted by Google Play and has passed its terms and conditions to be published, but we still advise caution when downloading.

Bhai Khata Book for PC/Mac/ Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

khatabook for pc

Khata Book-Replace your old Udhar bahikhata book for pc with a new digital ledger cash register. Maintaining the accounts of their clients is 100 percent open, healthy and accessible for all forms of companies.

It is a handheld Count. Shop owners can take advantage of the app to record credit and debit transactions for their trusted customers.

Even though there is no official edition of Khata Book – Ledger Account Book, Udhar khata for Mobile, you can still download and use Khata Book – Ledger Account Book, Udhar khata for Windows 10 or Khata Book – Ledger Account Book, Udhar khata for Mac using only a few different methods.

With each of the pros and cons, we will list all of the possibilities. Khata Book-Udhar khata, Ledger Account Book can be downloaded from this page and installed on Windows PC. Khata Book-Udhar khata, Ledger Account Book is a free Business App created by Vaibhav Kalpe.

Bhai Khata Book for PC/Mac Features

  • Bhai Khata Book App for Pc 100% Free, Secure and  Safe.
  • Free SMS notifications on every transaction to your Katha book customers.
  • Khata Book 100% is Automatic and secure Backup online.
  • Build Personal Khata books to manage your friends & family udhar.
  • Katha’s book will give your customers the payment reminders through WhatsApp.
  • Within this device, we can operate multiple shops.
  • In addition, we can use one book of Bahi Khata Book App for Pc on multiple phones.
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khata book for pc

Technical Specifications Bhai Khata Book

Get it on Google Play
Developer Vaibhav Kalpe
Category Finance & Business App
Downloads  6,000,000+
Size 13MB
App Version 3.10.04

Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata for pc, Credit Ledger Account is a free Office Suites & Tools subcategory software program that is part of the Business category. The app is available in English at the moment and was last revised in 2020 You will get the software built on Ios.

How to Use  Bhai Khata Book app for pc and Mac

  • Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Account Credit Ledger (version 4.2.5) has a file size of 16.78 MB and can be downloaded from our website.
  • Just click on the green Download button above to continue. The software has been downloaded 16424 times so far.
  • We’ve already verified that the download connection is secure but we suggest scanning the downloaded program with your antivirus for your own protection.
  • This app was released on 18-02 – 2019 on Softonic and we haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet.We invite you to try and leave a message on our website, or rate it.
  • Our group of users sure do appreciate that! Book Khata- Udhaar Bahi Khata Account Book includes Android 10.0 and above.
  • The program’s latest version is 4.3.0, and you can only get it in English.

Did you know that you can still use any of your favorite Android or iOS devices on your desktop, even though they aren’t officially available for your PC? Sure, they’re exiting a few different ways you can install and use Android devices on Windows computer as you do on Android smartphones.

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Here in this article we will give you a step-by-step guide to the method. So let’s find out t before.Khata Book is a smartphone app that helps shopkeepers and business people to store their owed money using a digital ledger.

The online transaction is much easier, rather than using the offline form for your transactions. The software also saves time. These ledger account books came with a lot of features that all sorts of businesspeople would use it.

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