7 Tips to Live a Happy and Successful Life Despite the Hardships of Today


What if there was an “actual” way to live life like a celebrity without giving anything away? What if some people want luxury instead of fame? In reality, a life of luxury is possible. Although it’s not easy to get, comfortable and fun life isn’t far from reality.

7 Tips to Live a Happy and Successful Life Despite the Hardships of Today

Believe it or not, there isn’t an easy way to achieve a life with comfort. In fact, a life of luxury isn’t a giveaway. What people see in the movies and television are the products of hard work, wise decisions, and sacrifice. Don’t fall into the trap of being envious of others. To attain something, one must be willing to go the extra mile. Here are more tips that will help people achieve a life full of comfort and happiness, albeit in a more simple way.

Organizing Your Routine

Although a lot of people think that being rich and famous involves more luck than work, they’re absolutely wrong. On the contrary, people who are on the top work hard to get what they have right now. Working hard is just one thing you need to be successful though. There are lots of cases where working hard amounts to little. 

For that, you have to work smart. Working smart means that you’re comfortable and put less stress on your tasks. One way of working smart is employing the tomato timer for your tasks. This method organizes the way you do things. Since you’re more organized, you’re working smarter and harder, yielding more favorable results.

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Staying Away From Financial Stressors

There’s no other way around from achieving a life full of comfort than hard work. If a person wants to live a life of luxury, they have to set budgets and plans. Individuals who do this, spend a lot more time enjoying the things they have rather than having to struggle with paying the cost of the things they want. 

If people can’t afford something, then they should work hard for it rather than finding an easy way. Don’t ever force something, as it will be very frustrating. In the end, people find a lot more satisfaction from working hard in getting something.

Investing in Relationships That Matter

Living in style and luxury is about quality, not quantity. This idea should be the same in how people handle relationships. If a relationship isn’t good for anything, then, by all means, let it go. Again, it’s about quality. 

Being friends with someone certainly isn’t a bad idea. But if a person is friends with almost anyone they meet, then how would a lasting and loving relationship develop? A meaningful relationship comes from time, effort, and love. It also requires a person to invest in themselves.

Set Your Goals

People should always make their goals a priority no matter what. Any distractions should be kept to a minimum if they want to achieve their dreams. In fact, if you can filter out everything else away from your goals, then you’ll achieve quicker results. Examples of these individuals who have a laser focus on their goals are the late Laker-great Kobe Bryant, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and famous director James Cameron.

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Individuals should also be persevering: always keeping an eye on the one thing that they like. A lot of people also make the mistake of having multiple goals and unrealistically doing them all at once. Don’t fall for this trick as it may end up disastrous. Take it slow and weigh in on the dreams and aspirations you have. 

Having a Diary

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your goals and the ways you use to attain them. The most beautiful memories you have aren’t from somebody else’s account. You, yourself is the most reliable source of that memory, and what better way to keep it by personally writing it down in your very own journal or diary.

Whether it’s writing in your room or some hotel lounge, always make it a point to write important events that you encounter every day. Aside from keeping track of the events in your life, keeping a diary helps relieve you of stress. For those who don’t have anyone immediately tell their problems to, one of the best alternatives is keeping a diary.

Enjoy the Simple things

In life, it’s inevitable that there’ll be setbacks. There’s no one in the world that hasn’t suffered from a setback. However, it’s the way people get back up from those challenges. Getting back up might be difficult, even impossible at times but if you persevere, you’ll definitely reap the rewards. At the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you want to step up or lay on the ground.

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This fact then brings us to the small things in life. See that piece of chocolate that is inside the fridge that you bought earlier? Indulge yourself. Enjoy the little things life has to offer. Life is way too big to dwell on something that’s stuck in the past. See those lovely birds playing on the branches, singing their hearts out? Go out, enjoy, and keep a positive outlook on life. 


A person that is happy often perceives the image to other people that he or she is living a life full of luxuries. The reality is that some people can never achieve unimaginable wealth for that 5-star cruise in the Atlantic. However, individuals who are enjoying life as it is, know that a simple drive on the freeway with friends is just as fun. 

Riches and fame often come into mind when it comes to luxury and comfort. What a lot of people don’t realize is that its happiness and content that most individuals are after. You could own the whole world and not feel an ounce of happiness, but you can own a simple diary that can make you smile even in the darkest of times. Enjoy the simple things in life. By that time, you won’t even get to notice that you’re already living your life comfortably.