SMS marketing is increasing in popularity and is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers and grow your business. Online text is highly favored because of its low cost and versatility when reaching out to your audience on their mobile phone. However, if you’re looking to advertise in new and innovative ways, there are a few ways to use online SMS for your business to expand your reach and support consumers.

1.Send Promotional Messages

There are likely always new promotional messages you need to send out to prospective and current customers, whether you’re announcing a new product or service. Using SMS to send promotional messages directly to smartphones is a great way to contact your followers and increase your sales immediately.

Your promotional messages can vary and can include your logo or even a link to make it easy for the customer to quickly and easily purchase on your website or app. Some of the messages can even include coupons, graphics, or codes, which will keep them interesting and will allow your followers to look forward to receiving them throughout the month.

It’s also a great tool to use to contact customers who may have yet to place any orders or give you their business in recent months. With a simple text, you can casually advertise that you miss their business and look forward to providing them with your products or services. 

It will prove to come across as more personable and friendly than other advertising methods.


More companies are utilizing automated SMS as a way to provide their customers with tracking information after orders are placed. In addition, automated SMS benefits small businesses after customers provide their information to ensure they can stay updated and avoid disappointment or confusion regarding when they’ll receive their order.

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Once customers sign up, you have the ability to use the information to send additional promotional messages in the future and encourage the customers to remain loyal to your company and place more orders.

3.Appointment Reminders

Suppose you run or operate a medical office, dental office, or even a hair salon. In that case, you can easily send automated appointment reminders to your clients as a friendly way of helping them remember their confirmed date and time. 

This can allow you to avoid losing a significant amount of money throughout the year in missed appointments and no-shows. It will also allow you to maintain a better relationship with your customers.

The online SMS will ask the user to confirm or cancel their appointment time. You can easily reach out if you notice they aren’t responding to the messages. When cancelations occur, you’ll have enough time to fill the slot to avoid losing money and accommodate other customers.

4.Send Fundraiser Information

Whether you’re a start-up that is looking to grow your business or you want to raise money for a local disaster, you can use SMS to request donations. 

This is an easier way of spreading the word and notifying more people to ensure you can raise more funds. This is an easy and efficient way of fundraising instead of going door to door or posting on multiple online platforms.

5.Last-Minute Announcements

Whether you have to close your salon early due to a snowstorm or you encounter a billing issue, you can reach out to your customers and send last-minute announcements with SMS. 

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This will allow your followers to be better informed, improving their customer satisfaction as they continue to use your goods or services.

You won’t have to worry about manually calling customers or disappointing them with a sign on the door. You can avoid disappointing them if you can send last-minute announcements directly to their phones, which they can immediately receive any time of the day.

Once you learn how to use SMS for your business, you can get plenty of use out of it and free up more time in your schedule and your marketing budget. In addition, the resource makes it possible to engage your customers in various ways and grow your brand.

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