Like many THC products, Delta 8 gummies are a popular way of taking cannabis without having to commit to smoking it. However, this does not always make it easy to get hold of, and a small supply can run out a lot faster than you might think.

Re-stocking often can be a pain, so many people buy in bulk to take advantage of the gummies’ relatively long shelf life. But how do you find the best source of wholesale Delta 8 gummies on the market, especially if you aren’t that experienced with purchasing them yourself?

How to choose a quality wholesale supplier for Delta 8 THC Gummies

It is important to always get cannabis products from high-quality distributors and suppliers.  You don’t want to be buying something cheap that might be harmful to your body or a product that is not as potent as advertised. Aiming for quality, first and foremost, is an important part of getting something that you can trust.

This means that you need to look into each supplier, especially if you haven’t heard of the company before. Look up genuine product and business reviews, explore the site’s About section and do your best to understand the company and its products before you commit to anything.

While it can be quite daunting to start working with a new supplier that you have not touched before, it’s often a good idea to experiment with ordering from a few before locking yourself into a wholesale purchase. Getting an idea of what they offer can be important if you are trying to track down something that fills a particular niche or need.

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Wholesale THC Gummy Orders

Purchasing wholesale packs of Delta 8 gummies is effectively like getting a discount on a larger purchase – you usually pay a slightly reduced rate for a large number of individual gummy packets upfront, giving you a long-term supply for a slightly lowered cost.

This translates into extra savings and an immediate supply of gummies. However, it also requires some more arranging to get right – for example, the larger size of the order usually means that you will absolutely need to be present to collect your delivery when it arrives. Shipping costs might also be slightly higher, although this is offset by the fact that you’re buying in bulk.

The most important part of purchasing wholesale is the way that you do it. There are two different kinds of wholesale purchases – those listed like normal products and those that are arranged in a bespoke way with the supplier.

The first kind is relatively easy since the company treats the wholesale order like a normal product. This means that shipping and other important steps are usually handled in the normal way, with no real changes to the ordering process. A good example is pages like

If you want to buy wholesale with no defined wholesale product, then you probably need to talk to the supplier directly and arrange something. This can take a lot longer and is best kept as a backup option if you want a very specific kind of THC gummy that no other company is selling.

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