Our brain is more attracted to something that invokes and stimulates our senses. The blogging and written content will not affect the hearing sense; contrastively and luckily, the video content will stimulate not only the sense of vision but also the hearing. Thus, it is very safe to say that the video content is far more engaging for the audience than the simple written text. 

Not only this but many leading organizations also such as cisco’s surveys claim that the coming years are quite important in terms of video content creation and businesses

Several reasons can make a content creator think why video content is now better than simple blogging. In this article, we have discussed a few reasons to find why one must start thinking of attaining those skills that can help him grow in the world of digital content. 

1. Videos are Perfect for Social Media

Videos are better-explained content. Videos are easy to share and engage. People tend to have more self-explanatory content on their walls. Along with it, now the social media platforms also offer a boost feature for the videos. It is quite amazing for social media marketing and awareness campaigns. People are more inclined to watch videos on social media than to engage with images or text.    

2. It Can be Memorized

The video content is better and easy to memorize. People can recall events which they saw better than the ones that they have only read somewhere. On top of that, videos also convey other cues, such as the intonation of the voice, emotions, expressions, and actors’ body language.

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 All these factors then create more engaging content than the text. This memorization concept is better for brand recalling, which is a plus for a business owner.  

3. Videos Will Drive More Traffic

A video is a perfect way to enhance the traffic on your site. A single video explaining different aspects of a niche can do the job of several web pages. It has also been recorded that a video can drive the website up to 150%. 

4. Videos are Better to Rank Higher

As far as the ranking is concerned, so search engines like google are considering videos equally important to the text. Moreover, unlike the text, video links shared on a large scale is better for inbound linking. The higher the number of inbound links, the stronger the website will become. 

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