5 Amazing Tips to Sell on Instagram 

If your target audience majorly comprises GenZ, promoting your brand on Instagram can deliver effective results. With over 1 billion monthly users, this popular social media platform has opened up countless marketing opportunities for businesses.   

Here are 5 proven ways to sell on Instagram.

1.Buy Instagram Shoutouts

As consumers tend to make more “informed” purchase decisions today, nothing works better than influencer marketing to advertise your brand. There are over 500,000 influencers on Instagram who sell shoutouts, leveraging their huge fan following to promote your products and services. 

Some of these influencers have millions of followers, which make them the best marketing option to drive more views, build engagement, and boost sales. When high-authority industry experts talk about a brand in their Instagram posts, it helps build more trust among the users – influencing them to make a purchase. 

Thus, Instagram shoutouts are one of the best ways to direct sales from this popular social media platform. If you do not have the budget to buy shoutouts from macro-influencers, then you can choose to leverage the fan following and engagement level of multiple micro-influencers.

2.Branded Hashtags 

Want to increase your brand reach on Instagram, but do not have the budget for advertising? Here’s a strategy for you. Use branded hashtags for organic reach. 

When used appropriately, hashtags can triple your audience reach and deliver extraordinary results. Instagram allows using up to 30 hashtags, but it is recommended to use only the best 5-6. It should not be any random hashtag. Make proper research before you add hashtags to your post. 

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Additionally, create a unique brand hashtag, which can be your tagline or brand name. Properly used hashtags can help drive greater visibility while keeping the caption uncluttered.         

3.Enable Shoppable Features on Your Instagram Feed 

When Instagram offers a multitude of unique marketing capabilities, why limit your followers to just likes and comments? An innovative way of selling on Instagram is to create shoppable feeds, either an image post or a video. The platform allows you to tag up to 5 products and include product details, with eye-catchy visuals and prices. 

This feature enables your potential customers to have an elaborate view of the products on Instagram itself, thus, helping build more engagement. With a single tap, the consumers will be redirected to your website where they can complete the purchase.

4.Set Up an Instagram Shop 

So, you have a good fan following on Instagram and got the engagement too. But are you stuck only with likes and comments on your feed? Aren’t your audiences taking the pain to visit your website and complete the purchase? Why not bring the shop to them? Set up an Instagram shop. 

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to open your shop on Instagram. 

5.Use Instagram Story 

Instagram stories are trend-setters today, with over 500 million viewership each day. So, stories can be a great way to create a teaser for your posts or you can also include product links and shoppable stickers. Do not miss adding a Call-To-Action, but without hurting the aesthetics. 


Instagram offers numerous marketing opportunities to spread the word. Check out the latest trends and uniquely leverage them. Make sure you monitor the progress. 

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