What Are The Top 5 Ways Through Which You Can Make Your Sofa Stand Out?

The living room is probably the most important room that you need to decorate properly. This is because it’s the very first impression of your living space. Every piece of furniture, decor item, lighting, etc, has to look cohesive. This can be quite a daunting task. If you’ve already chosen the most important piece of furniture- the couch, this guide will help you navigate your way through the process of decorating your living room!

5 Ways To Make Your Sofa Set Stand Out

1. The Fabric Matters

 To ensure that your sofa set stands out in your living room, the type of fabric you choose for your sofa set is very important. Although leather sofas look nice, you can consider buying a fabric sofa if you want your couch to stand out. A fabric sofa made from wool or linen or velvet or silk can look fantastic in a living room. It’ll instantly draw everyone’s eyes to the couch. You can also consider purchasing patterned upholstery for your couch because it can look very unique.

2. Coffee Table

 If you’ve opted for a bold-colored sofa set such as a regal royal blue, the kind of coffee table you opt for is very important. If you want to draw attention to your sofa set, getting an eye-catching coffee table coupled with the right coffee table decor is the way to go. Getting an all-glass coffee table with some gold accents will instantly make your sofa set stand out. To pack a greater punch, you can even add some appropriate coffee table books and a flower vase on the coffee table with some coasters that complement the color of the couch. The right size and design of the coffee table can work wonders for your sofa set. On the contrary, if you’ve chosen a fabric sofa with intricate thread work, then it’s best to go for a simple coffee table.

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3. Lighting Is Key

 Choosing the correct lighting for your living room is very important, especially if you want your sofa set to stand out. If you’ve gone for an antique or art-deco aesthetic, a chandelier above your sofa is probably the best lighting idea for your living room. If you live in a bungalow or you have a very spacious living room with a sectional sofa set or an L-shaped sofa set, modern chandeliers can look fantastic. If you have a cozier aesthetic happening, just use wall lights in your living room. Other great lighting options include spotlights, lamps, and candles.

4. Cushions and Blankets

 Cushions and blankets are an absolute must-have for living rooms. You need to have pillows and blankets especially if you have a big sofa set to give off a cozy feeling. The best thing about blankets and cushions is that they’re not going to be as high as a sofa set price. So, even if your sofa set price is high, you can get pretty cushions and intricately designed blankets at very reasonable prices to draw people’s eyes to the sofa set in your living room. Knit blankets or embroidered cushion covers are great additions to a cozy sofa set.

5. The Color of the Wall Is Important

 The color of the walls in your living room is very important when it comes to ensuring that your sofa set stands out. If you have purchased a bold-colored sofa, it’s best to go for a wall color that is light or neutral to allow the sofa set to stand out. You don’t always have to go for white, creams, pastels, beige, etc, look great in a room with bold furniture pieces. Light Wall colors also open up a space.

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Keep these five tips in mind when you decorate your living room so that your sofa set stands out!

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