Why are Automatic (Non-touch) Sanitisers Important?

The world has changed so drastically in the last couple of years. The pandemic showed us the importance of social distancing and sanitisation. The world saw the flu disappearing in 2020, and it is because of social distancing and masks. This proves that proper care and sanitisation can make a virus disappear and bring a  huge impact on people’s lives.

Many have adopted the lifestyle of minimum contact and social distancing, and many measures to combat the spreading of the virus. The intensity of the pandemic has come down, but the virus is still there, and you need to be careful all the time. It is not the time to relax and let the guard down, and everyone must be vigilant and keep their hands sanitised. This pandemic has made the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser a necessity in the workplace and homes. 

The pandemic has skyrocketed the share  prices of many sanitiser manufacturing firms, and as expected, the sales of non-touch sanitiser devices also increased. The lifestyle of each individual has changed drastically, and every household now has a sanitiser. Sanitising one’s hand after returning home has become a routine, and every mall, office, and supermarket has set hand sanitising compulsory to enter their property. 

Why is it so important to have this kind of sanitiser? What are its benefits?

This article will list the benefits of keeping an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser in your workplace/home.

It’s automatic

As the name says, it is automatic, and it is its biggest advantage. There’s no need to press, turn or hold the sanitiser bottle to sanitise your hand. You need to bring your hands near the nozzle, and it will spurt the required amount of sanitiser for you to clean your hands.

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This is fast, safe, and simply efficient.

Easy to use

An appliance’s features and qualities are important, but the ease of usage makes it stand out. The automatic hand sanitiser is the best and easiest device you can use to avoid physical contact with your hands. The one thing you need to care about is the electricity connection or battery levels. Easy usage makes it preferable and popular among the people.

Delivers a standard quantity

This is one more reason why these automatic hand sanitisers are better than manual ones. People usually use more than the required quantity of liquid (sanitiser) to clean their hands, resulting in the exhaustion of the sanitiser quickly.

When the sanitiser detects the hands, it ejects a specific amount of liquid sanitiser to the hands. It minimises the wastage and improper usage of the sanitiser.

Elimination of a contact point

it is obvious that the manual hand sanitiser needs to be held by hand and pressed on its top to use it. It is a risky thing to do, even if you wipe it before and after usage. The virus remains on surfaces like plastic, steel, wood, etc., for longer than two days, making it risky to touch. The automatic one eliminates the need to touch the sanitiser and makes it more hygienic.


As the sanitiser is automatic, only a single person will be handling it for refilling. This way the sanitiser (device) will last much longer than the one used by everyone physically. This is one more reason why one must purchase the automatic hand sanitiser.

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These are the reasons why automatic non-touch hand sanitisers are important.

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