Pros Of Swift Wart Treatment

Microwave therapy is the first device to provide resolution rates ranging from 76 to 83% for all kinds of warts. It is frustrating for patients and clinicians to deal with warts. Many traditional methods of treating plantar warts are very unpleasant which includes old therapy, acid treatment, and surgical removal. However, while warts typically go away on their own, it can take a long time. 

The Swift Wart Therapy

The swift wart therapy differs from other treatments. Swift delivers energy to the affected tissues at a predetermined depth, only a few millimeters below the surface. It does not deal with burning, freezing, or pouring corrosive acid over the wart. Swift leaves the skin intact while working to kill the infection. It activates dendritic cells in the skin to alert the body of the presence of the virus, which in turn activates t-cells.

The body does not recognize warts and plantar warts because you cannot feel them. Fasting awakens the immune system, proving effective in clearing warts in distal areas that were previously untreatable.

The Challenges Of Treating Plantar Warts

An invading virus is destroyed by our immune system once it invades. This condition is challenging to treat due to the virus staying near the skin’s surface. The Swift treatment method addresses this problem differently by encouraging the body’s immune system to function correctly.

Here’s How Swift Works

To start a favorable treatment response, Swift delivers low-powered, controlled microwave energy into the wart area. As a response, our cells release particular proteins in the affected area. These proteins signal our immune system that something is amiss. When they swarm, they begin attacking and eradicating the HPV.

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Surgical Procedures Are Not Invasive.

You won’t experience any downtime if you don’t have surgery. After the procedure, there is less pain, and the foot does not need bandages, you do not have to keep it dry, and there is minimal disruption in daily activities. Within 30 minutes of treatment, 95% of patients can resume their daily activities.

Treatments Take Less Time, So Appointments Are Shorter Don’t let a quick remedy disrupt your busy day. All certified clinics offer fast and efficient service, so you can focus on what’s important during the swift wart therapy.

The Advantages Of Swift Wart Treatment Over Older Methods Of Treatment

  • Less Pain

Pain is slightly reduced in the treatment. There are fast, dissipating sensations when Swift is going on. Here, you will be experiencing lingering discomfort. You will not even feel it for the initial few minutes of your surgery. 

  • No Mess

The mess in this treatment is negligible. The session does not require any kind of preparation. Following a session, it is carried on as if nothing had happened.

  • No Damage Caused To Skin

Here, your healthy skin will be safe. Negligible damage can be seen from a cut or burn which will heal with time. As a result, you do not have to worry about the scar or unnecessary pain.

  • Good Results

It is an effective strategy for wart removal. Some patients may require a few sessions to see complete results.


For a complete Swift wart therapy, 3 or 4 sessions are typically scheduled over a few months. During each session, a light debridement is performed to remove plantar warts. You won’t feel any pain or have your skin broken.

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Upon being ready, Swift delivers doses of microwave energy within a few seconds. A small amount of these doses can cause a mild burning sensation for a couple of seconds, but the pain vanishes once it’s over. There is no need to numb the area before using these doses. The patients’ immune systems begin to work within a few days after the first treatment session, resulting in warts gradually shrinking or becoming thinner.

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