Backlinks Should You Build

Although SEO is much more advanced compared to what it was a few years ago, we all can agree that backlinks are still the strongest ranking factor. Search engines judge you by the kind of sites that link to you and then determine your place in the SERPs.

What Type of Backlinks Should You Build

While no one can deny the need for niche edit services as these are confirmed backlinks that are safe and actually work, there are also several other types of backlinks that can help improve search engine ranking and online authority. Here I’ve discussed what type of backlinks you should build for faster results.

Mix the Do-Follow and No-Follow

Do-Follow links tell the search engine crawler to follow the link. The linking site is willingly sharing its juice or trust with you. These links are without a doubt more powerful and offer more value.

No-Follow links on the other hand are also backlinks but the search engine crawler doesn’t follow these links to see the site they are linking to. They don’t share juice with the link but still have their value.

Source: Ahrefs

You should not limit yourself to just do-follow links. Try to make a mix of both types, but you should focus more on do-follow. The no-follow links might not be as useful but they still impact your rankings in a positive way. Many high DA authority sites only give no-follow links.

Invest in Guest Posting

A guest post is an article you post on niche relevant websites. Guest posting serves two purposes:

  • You get a backlink
  • You get online exposure
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These posts help you reach out to a newer audience who probably don’t know about your product or services. When they read your article and find value, they follow your link to see what you have to offer. If you have impressed them, they are likely to become a lead or customer.

These backlinks are also among the safest and offer more value depending on the content around the link. You should write guest posts that focus on providing value to the reader and ensure the content is unique and high-quality.

Secure Links from High DA Sites

You should try to get as many links from high DA sites as possible. These links have more value and juice to offer compared to other websites. DA stands for Domain Authority, matric to measure the trust of search engines on a website.

Currently, Moz and Ahrefs offer the most accurate domain authority. You will also notice that websites with high DA are easily ranked even if their content is not that great. One backlink from a relevant authoritative website can be easily more powerful than a dozen links from small sites.

That said, you should also mix a few links from average DA but clean websites. It can be really difficult to get a link from these giants, so you have to rely on other trustworthy websites.

Try Broken Link Building

Broken link building is not very easy, but a sure way to get a backlink. You basically have to look for broken links on relevant articles published on other websites. SEO professionals then reach out to the managers of those websites and inform them of the broken link.

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You can ask them to replace that broken link with a link to your website that is relevant and useful for their audience. You might have to write an article that is relevant to the article and will be a great addition to it. If your article is actually relevant and useful, those website managers most probably won’t mind giving you a link since you did help them identify a broken link.

Build Infographics for Natural Links

Infographics take time to build, but they are worth the effort. You need an expert of niche, a writer, and a designer on the task to create one infographic. They are useful because people like content presented in graphics. It is easier to read and provides a lot of information in a short time.

You can publish them on your own website. People who read your infographic will share it with their audience in their articles and link it to you as a reference. You can also promote them to get links. Some people create infographics and offer them to relevant websites in return for a backlink.

Mix All Types of Backlinks

You should not limit yourself to just one type of backlinks because they are known to successfully work. Try to build different types of links to create diverse and natural-looking backlink profiles. Search engines create a backlink profile of your website to see who is linking to you and how.

If the profile appears unnatural, it can have a negative impact on the search engine rankings. There are links like comments and brand mentions that are not very powerful, but they have their value and help build a diverse profile.

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Backlinks from Business Profiles

Create business profiles on social media websites and business directories. They help see search engines that you are a legit business with an address. A local business should never ignore this step.

You also get backlinks from business profiles that also help your rankings and online authority. Don’t just limit yourself to Google My Business and popular social media sites. There are many platforms that rank business and work like a directory. You should particularly look for industry-relevant and country-specific directories and build a profile there.

Use Press Release Where Necessary

Press releases are also a useful way of getting backlinks from news sites. Press releases also increase brand awareness and show search engines that you are making headlines. Every time your business does something noteworthy, you should publish press releases.

You only have to write one press release and send them to multiple news sites. This means you don’t need a lot of effort for these types of backlinks. Just because you can send the same article to all sites doesn’t mean you have to. Sending a unique article is more likely to get published. You should take help from professional writers for this step. These might not be guest posts, but quality and relevancy are important if you want to attract your target audience. Search engines will also give more value to your backlinks if they come from unique pages.

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