Data is one of the most important commodities in the world in general, and specifically, in business. Of course, customers’ private data is extremely important (the fact that it can be stolen and traded by cyber criminals on the black market for huge sums of money shows just how valuable it is), but other forms of data are also important.

What is Data Science and What is it Used For?

For example, data regarding customer (or potential customer) behavior gathered by analytics tools are highly valuable to businesses when trying to develop a targeted digital marketing strategy.

What is Data Science?

“Data science” is a field that combines various disciplines, methods, systems, and algorithms to analyze data with the goal of discovering insights and knowledge from this data.

Data science can be used to uncover patterns (such as patterns of behavior among consumers or users of certain online services) that can be used to predict future outcomes.

It is no wonder that data science is an area of so much interest to many businesses and organizations around the globe.

Data science strategies usually feature data-mining (the extraction of data) processes and AI (artificial intelligence). Data science differs from data analysis in the sense that while data analysts focus on processing the history of data and perhaps even identifying trends, data scientists and data science programs also make future predictions based on the history of this data.

Types of Data Science Strategies

Predictive Analytics

Predictive causal analytics are used to predict possibilities and the likelihood of specific events occurring in the future. For example, predictive analytics can be used to deduce the likelihood of a specific customer making future purchases under certain conditions, based on their purchase history.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics takes the predictive analytics model a stage further and suggests a variety of actions that can be taken in response to data. An example of prescriptive analytics is self-driving cars.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of AI that improves its efficiency at tasks with experience. Algorithms become more accurate the more data they are used to process, and can even be used to make predictions. Machine learning is an important new aspect of advanced data science strategies.

How Can Data Science Help Businesses?

Data science is not just useful for businesses at the cutting edge of the tech industry. Data science can be used by commercial businesses in almost any sector to develop highly accurate marketing strategies tailored specifically to each customer based on the history of their data.

For example, learning that customers from a particular demographic have made more purchases at certain times of the month and certain hours of the day can encourage businesses to post marketing content at these optimal times. This has been happening in television advertising for many decades, but it is only due to recent technological developments that these advanced data science strategies are available to smaller businesses; sites such as can help business owners to develop their own data science strategies.

The Future of Data Science

The future is uncertain, but it seems highly likely that the importance of data science will only increase, and more and more businesses will employ more advanced data science models and strategies to maintain a competitive edge over the competition and avoid falling behind with their digital marketing strategy.

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