This Swiss brand timepiece was launched in 1830 by the brothers Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume. This watch has gained its reputation globally. With its motto “accept only perfection,” they make sure that each watch creation is guaranteed excellent quality, elegant and affordable luxury.

With its existence for almost two centuries, they have already released a vast collection of timepieces that feature stylish designs with the latest innovations. This watch’s production is centralized in Switzerland to make sure that every process of its creation is strictly followed to achieve the brand’s desired quality.

History of Baume et Mercier Watches

A fuse of Innovation and Tradition

The logo of Baume and Mercier watch is unique and was derived from the Greek letter Phi. This greek symbol influences the traditional round shape watch of Baume & Mercier and makes it a known trademark. For 190 years, this brand fused in each timepiece’s classic and modern features, making it stand out from other brands.

The Baume et Mercier watch brand strives hard to maintain its reputation of creating excellent quality timepieces. The Baume brothers joined a competition in Britain with a pocket-watch conducted by the Kew Observatory. The chronometer won the competition with a tourbillon movement that will not change for a decade.

Baume et Mercier Watch Collections

The brands watch designer exerts their best efforts in creating each timepiece to have a distinct and excellent quality watch. Each creation has different functions and innovations, such as triple date display and moon phase. Some collections like Hampton, Classima, Capeland, and Clifton Baumatic have specialized characteristics.

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Baume et Mercier Clifton Baumatic Watch Collection

This watch collection from Baume & Mercier features a self-winding movement to ensure exceptional reliability. It also features an excellent chronometric precision at -4/+6 seconds per day. Compared to the traditional watches maintenance for every 3 to 5 years, this watch needs to care for every 7years.

This collection is made from stainless steel with alligator straps and an ideal watch for men. The watch dial has an iconic date aperture at 3’oclock, but some Clifton Baumatic timepieces have a beautiful moon phase adding to its elegant look.

Baume et Mercier Clifton Club Watch Collection

If you’re into sports or loves sports, this Clifton Club watch is a perfect companion. This watch showcases the Baume et Mercier spirit in creating each timepiece with great precision. It features rotating bezels for dual time viewing. The brand includes a Tachymeter to monitor speed adding to its sophisticated look.

With its famous sports watches, they even tie-up with America’s famous race car maker Carroll Shelby in 2015. Making this brand popular in the US and offers a limited edition Shelby Cobra watch, Shelby’s well-known model. The Tachymeter of this model is encircled with a red inner edge for a sharper look. 

Baume et Mercier Capeland Watch Collection

This watch collection is no longer available, but you might find one in some second-hand shops. Same with Shelby Cobra, this watch is a limited edition collection from the Baume et Mercier brand. The watch modern design is well suited for today’s generation. This watch model features or specifications showcase what an excellent chronometer should look like.

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An Elegant Collection For Ladies

With the continued advancement, Baume et Mercier also commits to innovate in the creation of their timepieces. In the late ’40s, the Marquise watch model was launched successfully and became famous. This led to a more creative and brilliant ladies watch. Some of the ladies collections are Classima, Promise, and Hampton.


This watch brand is an excellent example of how others watch businesses survive through the test of times. Baume et Mercier’s commitment to providing exceptional quality timepieces by contributing to both contemporary and traditional design. This watch brand is also not expensive, given its quality.

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