What Are The Qualifications Of A Web Designer

Web designers are adept at making functional and cutting-edge websites for public and private
sector firms. They engage in planning, creating, and coding sites and webpages and designing
the layout of a site. They utilize innovative tools and techniques to create eye-catching and
technically sound websites.

What Are The Qualifications Of A Web Designer?


A web page contains videos, pictures, and other types of data.
Web designers understand the concept of user-experience and create websites that are easy to
use and can be navigated through conveniently. See here for a list of the most important
qualifications of a web designer.

● Education

A web design degree offers a theoretical and practical knowledge of core elements like
multimedia production, digital design, arts, visual communication, web application
programming and publishing, usability and interactivity testing, etc. There are accreditation
bodies that offer certificates and diplomas, such as the International Webmaster Association
and Certified Internet Webmaster. These certificate courses provide sufficient knowledge to
design a user-friendly website.

● Designing Skills

A web designer should possess excellent graphic designing skills. Their ultimate aim is to create
a website that is easy to use from any device. A user should easily navigate through the website
even on smaller screens such as mobile phones. They must be well-versed with some of the
most popular web designing software like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Some web
designers specialize in graphic designing for printed media, and others specialize in graphic
designing for the web only.

● Development Skills

A technical background comes in handy while designing a website. If the designer has a
technical background, he/she will be able to take responsibility for creating unique web content
and coding the designs by themselves. Database technologies like MySQL and PHP will help the

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designers access and manage the records in the database. JavaScript and Flash help the web
designer incorporate the elements of animation, sounds, and business applications. The
designers must keep in mind that they have to comply with the norms of the World wide web
Association while creating the website.

● Experience

An experienced designer will have an edge over others for obvious reasons. The ones who have
more experience must have worked along with a wide range of formats. They will be aware of
the pre-requisites of a good website. With experience, there are little or no chances for
mistakes. A designer with minimum or no work experience as a web designer can take the help
of the Website Design Institute. They have an ongoing scheme wherein clients are offered free
upgrades of their websites by young and talented web designers. This will help inexperienced
designers gain experience and expertise in the field. They may even display their work on the
official site of the institute.

● Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial tools when it comes to website designing.
A website should rank high on search engines so that it reaches the maximum number of
people. For this, a designer must work with cutting-edge content providers who offer content
with no grammatical or technical errors along with the optimum use of keywords. Web
designers must also make sure that the designs are not very complicated, and users can
conveniently navigate across the site even on smaller screens. Search engines list websites
based on many aspects. The web designers must be well-versed with these aspects and discuss
them thoroughly with the content providers. If the website does not rank high, no traffic will be
channelized towards the site.

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Having knowledge of HTML and CSS is necessary for a web designer. It is a basic mark-up
language that requires designers to memorize certain HTML commands according to which the
layout and structure of the website are determined. Web designers should also have an
excellent command over HTML and CSS techniques to create a user-friendly website. HTML and
CSS are like the building blocks of a website.

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