Tips for Moving Your Cats Safely


Cats are lovely creatures that qualify as man’s friends. They are regarded as pets and are treated with love. Feline lovers often take them along wherever they go. This is because they are great companions and love being with their owners.

Most times, there is a need to walk around with your feline friends. You will need to create a comfortable way to carry them. They are naturally territorial. This means that they love staying in a familiar environment. It may be stressful getting them to move with you. However, with the right information, the stress can be reduced. Follow the discussions below to move your cats safely.

Preparation Before Moving Out

Before moving out with your cat, preparations need to be made. This will ensure that all is set to get going. You can’t just move out with your cat. You must pay attention to its anxiety and behavioral changes. Before moving out, do the following for your pet.

Get it Familiar with its Carrier

All felines love their carrier. You do not need to carry it in your arms. You definitely need a carrier. Using a carrier that is familiar with will help the whole process a lot. It will make your pet less uneasy and anxious. Your pet becomes comfortable with the movement. You can use cardboards in the carriers; pets love cardboards.

Discuss with your Vet Doctor

Not all pets are the same; some require special attention. The peculiarity of your cat will determine its needs. So, if it has certain distinctive traits, talk to your vet. Your vet will tell you how best to attend to it. Cats do get stressed easily. They also get easily irritated. In such situations, you should talk to your vet.

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Use Familiar Scent

 Before moving with your feline friend, get a familiar scent. It makes your furry friend more comfortable with its new environment. You can also go to the new home and apply the fragrance. The scent helps it to adjust, and it reduces anxiety and nervousness. Cats are jealous companions.

They do not want shared affection. If the new homes have a smell of other pets, then it needs to be cleaned. Use familiar scents to dispel unfamiliar ones. The link here has more on oils for feline therapy.

What to do During the Journey


You want to ensure to make the journey stress-free as possible for your pet. So you want to have a few things in place to make certain of this. What you can do once the journey begins include

Use a familiar carrier

It has now become familiar with its carrier, use it. It will now feel comfortable and relaxed with the whole process. Using a carrier can be a lot easier and safe. It reduces your stress. It also reduces that of your pet. Try not to use new carriers for the journey. It might experience difficulty adapting to a new one. Its behavior can change and can be challenging to deal with.

Put Meals or Treats in its Carrier

Make it love its transporter by putting meals and treats. With meals, it gets easily distracted during movement. And in turn, you become more relaxed. You can also make use of toys. They will find it exciting as it will have something to play with. It reduces boredom and anxiety.

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Make Sure Not to Let It Out

Cats can be very expressive. During times like this, you might feel pity for them. Ignore the temptation to let it out. Get it contained in its carrier. Whatever the situation, try not to let it out. Even when not in its carrier, put it somewhere safe. This will reduce the risk of losing it. You may be doing other things like opening and closing the door. At this point, you need to safeguard your pet.

On Arrival

On arrival, you get things settled in. you won’t want to leave your friend in its carrier all day, would you? So, in getting settled, there are things to do. You have to ensure that your feline friend is comfortable. It is its new home, so it has to get familiar with it.

To better help your feline feels comfortable with its new surroundings, do the following:

Allow Your Cat Familiarize with the Environment

When you finally get to your destination, the workload reduces. Allow your feline friend to get familiar with the environment. Let it move around to perceive the familiar scents. Also, keep its familiar belongings close by. It then becomes easier to adapt to the environment.

 It may, however, remain in one place for some time. In such situations, let it be. Subsequently, it will move to other places and get familiar.

Spend More Time with it

On arrival at your new home, spend time with your friend. They are known for their affinity. Do not just leave them; make them comfortable. Be around them often. The more time you spend with them, the quicker they adapt. Play with your pet and make it feel safe. You can check this page for more on playing with your furry companion.

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Maintain the Usual Routine

Pets generally get used to routines. You know its usual pattern; continue with it. When you continue with its routine, it gets more familiar with the settings. Mealtime should not change. So also with its carrier time. The move will be more stressful if the routines are missed. Cuddle time and playtimes are significant as well.

Final Note

Cats can be very adorable and fond of their owners. You would not want to leave them feeling lonely. It is vital to make arrangements for it while moving. Adequate preparations before and after the move can do the trick. Follow the tips above and be marveled at the outcome.

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