How to Have the Sleep You've Been Dreaming

Picture this: you’ve just woken up in the morning before your alarm. It’s wintertime, so the light is present but soft and forgiving. Your body is sinking ever-so-slightly into your mattress, but the lumbar support remains uncompromised. Your blanket is enveloping you like it was hand-stitched to fit the contours of your body. It’s quiet. You feel relaxed but not sleepy. You just had the best sleep of your life. Now, let’s come back to reality.

How to Have the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming

If you dream of getting better sleep, your morning probably went a bit less smoothly than you’d like. You probably grudgingly woke up after snoozing your alarm four times. The dog hogged the bed, so you’ve got a crick in your neck from sleeping on only half of the pillow. Your dreams were plagued with work scenarios completely unrooted in reality (how could you ever leave the house without pants?). Don’t worry. You’re not alone! There are several ways to wake up feeling more like a Disney princess and less like the villain who put a curse upon her. Perhaps Maleficent meant well when she cursed Aurora to an eternal slumber?

CBD Products

One route that many people take in combatting their inability to sleep is CBD. CBD products come in a variety of forms, ranging from gummies to lotions. CBD is a cannabinoid that has been known to help facilitate restful sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep at night due to an overactive mind, you likely have already tried several dietary supplements, such as melatonin. Like melatonin, CBD affects everybody differently. It is essential to pay attention to dosage and read up on CBD reviews before committing to a product.

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Some people benefit from adding CBD oil to nighttime beverages like chamomile tea. Suppose you take warm bubble baths to unwind. In that case, there are several CBD products that you can add to your bath to promote maximum relaxation. As always, before starting a new treatment regimen, it is crucial to check with your doctor. By consulting with a healthcare professional, you can ensure maximum safety and efficacy.


Practicing yoga does not have to be in a class setting or even involve vigorous physical activity. Yoga is a philosophy that is centered around being present and practicing mindfulness. This practice can help people fall asleep because, at times, it can be challenging to leave the day behind and quiet your thoughts. Meditation is challenging for many people, but deep breathing exercises are beneficial for people of all capabilities.

Instead of scrolling your social media feed before bed tonight, consider practicing a simple yoga technique. You can sit up straight on your bed or lie flat in a comfortable position. Focus on measuring your breaths by counting them out. A common stress-relieving yoga practice entails lengthening your exhales beyond your inhales. Try counting to four while you breathe deeply in your nose and then counting to five while you breathe out.


Your surroundings play a significant role in the way you feel internally! Make sure the place you sleep at night is a comfortable sanctuary. Try utilizing gentle mood lighting like a Himalayan salt lamp to help prepare you for sleep while you’re relaxing before bed. An essential oil diffuser is another excellent way to transform your space. Scents like lavender and chamomile are known to have calming properties. In some cases, you may even be able to find an essential oil diffuser with a built-in mood light!

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Not getting enough sleep at night can negatively impact your life in a big way. The type of day you have is almost entirely dependent on a restful night’s sleep. Investing in self-care practices that can help you relieve daily tension is always worth it. With your doctor’s permission, CBD may be able to increase your ability to get to sleep. Practice deep breathing techniques and tailor your surroundings for optimal relaxation.

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