The Top Logo Trends For 2021

Changing times requires changing measures in almost every field. Logo designs are no exception to this notion. Using same old deisgn and following old trends is unattractive these days and can lead to huge loss to companies. Being aware of logo trends of current times is quite necessary in this century. 

We have listed out top logo trends for 2021 to ease out your task. 

  • Minimalism

Too much decorative and complex logos are being disliked so much these days. No one, neither customers nor brands wish to see complex logo design. Designs that are difficult to understand cannot be easily memorized. Therefore, this can be a huge loss to the company. 

Brands are changing their notions and converting their logos into raw forms. For instance, have a look at Apple, BMW, Nissan of Pringles logos. Each one of them has become simpler. 

2021 is welcoming more simple raw designs. This trend makes them eye catching, easy to understand and memorable. Viewers do not get distracted or lost in too much detail. Necessary information can be easily conveyed to the target audience. 

Moreover, simple and concise graphic designs can be easily viewed over different platforms. 

  • Versatility in Logos

With the onset of pandemic, the trend of online businesses has hiked up in the past year. In 2021, demands still remain the same and online business is still in trend. 

With such a situation, it is important to get logos that are versatile and can be displayed perfectly on different platforms. 

Creating a logo that looks amazing on products and worse on social media can be disastrous for your business. 

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Use easy graphic designs for social media platforms and websites. For online businesses, logo designs are highly crucial. 

More and more brands and making versatile logos and converting their logos and monograms. It is easy to use online. These are sharp, visible and easily understandable. 

For example, Adobe and Rudsak changed their word mark logos into monograms for better online business. 

  • Nostalgic Designs

2020 was not as good as many of us expected it to be. With harsh situations that were prevailing, nostalgia hit hard. 

Companies are converting their logos into vintage and retro forms to bring the past back. In other words, you can say that brands are going back to basics. 

They are cutting off the clutter and distracting elements from logos. Only essentials are being kept in logos to be focussed upon. 

Font styles, colour choices, clean lines are generally focussed upon in this trend. Logos are becoming new and retro at same time. 

  • Use of Negative Space

Negative space and illusions if used perfectly can hide a lot of different meanings in it. It makes logo designs interesting to look at and so attractive. 

With such addition, logos can be turned into eye pleasing without overdoing anything. 

This can be used over various platforms and popularity of your brand can hike up. 

It has hypnosis-like effects and exciting meanings hidden in it. 

Dictionary and thesaurus used this logo trend in their logo designs. 

Negative space is used to show an open book or an open door of knowledge. A hidden meaning makes logos even more interesting. Incorporating this trend can get your brand much needed attention. 

  • Bold Colour Palette¬†

Online businesses are increasing at a fast rate. With so much crowd online and in the normal world too, it requires something to stand out. 

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Usage of bold colours in logo design is a simple change and amazing too. 

Bold colours attract the attention of viewers really fast. If used correctly, it can convert your viewers into customers in no time. 

Just have a look at Baskins Robbins new addition. It has used brighter and bolder shades of the same colour being used earlier. But this time, the logo is much more attractive than before. 

  • Gradients¬†

Now, using a simple colour for logos is also a dying trend. Gradient use is hiking up so much. It is the ability to attract attention and being eye pleasing is amazing. 

Gradients usage means using shades of different colours in such a manner that there is minimal distinction with changing colours. Colour transition is so smooth that it leaves a pleasing effect on eyes. 

This makes the logo dynamic and full of energy. 

Many brands have incorporated this trend in their logos and websites.  Like, Facebook Messenger converted their logo from plain blue to different shades gradient. Avon has also used transition colours in its logo. 

  • Disappearing Letters

Disappearing letters as a logo trend conveys that use of letters which have few parts missing in it. Whole logo follows the same font style or trend. This is an attention grabbing tactic and can be used by logos with wordmarks.

You can start writing a letter and leave some elements half filled. Human mind has become intelligent enough and trained to guess those disappearing elements effortlessly. 

It will attract the attention of viewers and being able to guess correctly will make them feel better about your logo as well as your brand. 

  • Fine Lines¬†

Using fine lines in a logo is to create such a design that is crisp and clear. At one glance, you are totally clear about each and every element of it. It is like using a sharpened pencil to draw logo on paper. 

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Thin crispy lines usage makes logos elegantly styled. It is easy to scale and use on various kinds of platforms. 

Sans serif fonts act as an amazing supporter of this trend. Simple geometry can be used with light patterns. 

  • Overlapping Geometry¬†

You can overlap patterns and make layers of elements to bring a whole new styled logo design. 

Merging different patterns in solid or even translucent shades creates something new and eye catching. 


Give up your old thinking ways and just try out atleast one of these 2021 trends. You need to make your logo designs and company trendy and updated. Logo maker of Designhill can create trendy logos online. Want one? Check out Designhill’s for sure.¬†

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