The world is already full of coffee lovers. What the world needs the most now are environment lovers. In the United Kingdom, around 10,000 coffee cups find their way in the dumpsites every two minutes. After a year, this number could reach 2.5 billion cups. Some consumers think the cups made from cupboards are eco-friendly, but the reality is only one in every 400 cups are recycled.

Top Reasons to Support the Reusable Coffee Cup Industry

The answer to the problem of cups and wastes are reusable coffee cups. Compared to the other alternatives, these reusable cups are 100% plastic-free. Even though these cups are reusable, there is no plastic lining fused to it.

In other non-environmentally friendly alternatives, this lining is impossible to separate from the body of the cup. This fact alone is enough to deduce that reusable cups are a more sustainable option. One of the top reasons you should push for reusable cups is to save the world from the danger of having too much waste to deal with.

Reusable Cups Save Resources

The most viable alternative people are pushing for in place of cardboard cups are reusable cups. These cups are not only recyclable, but they are also environmentally-friendly. The design of these cups does not include a thin cardboard edge that touches the liquid contained by the cup.

Such a design will easily pass the health and safety regulations set by the UK government. To recap, the said regulation requires brand new material for every cup. In the UK alone, an estimated 100,000 trees are needed to keep up with people’s coffee habit.

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And while the lifespan of a takeaway cup is limited, the carbon footprint it leaves can reach a staggering level. So, to keep up with these safety regulations and keep more trees alive, it’s best to use reusable coffee cups.


Reusable Cups Can Save You Money

Just like reusable metal straws and utensils, reusable cups can save you money. Since 2016, Starbucks and other coffee chains started offering discounts to their customers who use their own cups when buying coffee. Aside from these major coffee chains, local coffee houses are also trying to emulate the same scheme.

So, if you are an avid coffee drinker and buy your coffee from these coffee chains almost every day, using your own reusable coffee cup can save a lot of money.

Your Own Cup Can Keep Your Coffee Warm And Better Tasting

No one wants to drink cold or lukewarm coffee. True coffee lovers love not only the taste of the coffee but also its feel and aroma. You can enjoy your coffee more if it is warm. If you invest in insulated reusable cups, your coffee will always be warm — like how it should be. On top of that, these cups do not have the unwelcome taste.

Your cappuccino will surely taste like one with a plastic-free reusable cup. You get to enjoy both these benefits, while also saving the environment.

Sustainability is possible when you explore your options. One plastic or cardboard coffee cup may not be detrimental to the environment, but if one coffee drinker throws a cup a day, the problem will easily escalate.

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It would not be long until these hazardous wastes dominate the dumpsites. It only takes one conscious step to change the fate of the world. Do your share now and see the benefits of your decision tomorrow.

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