What Are the Main Digital Marketing Services?

You’ll be surprised to know how many businesses overlook digital marketing, yet internet usage increased by 5% in the last three years.

What Are the Main Digital Marketing Services?

That’s roughly 400 million new internet users who are constantly checking emails, social accounts, and asking Google all sorts of questions. So, you might want to check out our internet marketing services to tap into this growing market.

Service #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is hands down the best way to gain online visibility. If done right, your website sits on the first page of Google results, and that brings you a ton of high-quality traffic. However, getting there takes a serious amount of effort, expertise, and patience.

Google’s spiders are getting smarter with every update, stuartkerrs meaning the old days of ranking keyword-stuffed content are over. Now you need to consider page load speed, quality of info on your site, and keyword research. That’s why most people prefer outsourcing SEO to a digital marketing agency.

Service #2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Have you ever noticed websites with an AD in front of the web address after searching for something on Google? Yeah, someone paid the tech giant to place their website at that position after meeting certain requirements.

With this method, you don’t need to work hard like you would with SEO. You’ll simply bid for a particular keyword, and your website will show up at the top of search results. But some keywords are very competitive, and that’s why Google uses a bidding system. The highest bidder gets the top spot, followed by the second, third, and fourth runners. 

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Unfortunately, SEM has a lot of moving parts, and that makes outsourcing the safest option.

Service #3: Website Strategy

SEO and SEM efforts bring traffic to your website, but the customer experience is responsible for converting visitors into paying customers. For example, Google will not rank your website if it has spelling and grammar errors, poor quality images, or an overall poor design. 

H1 tags, functional links, and load speed are some of the things that add value to a website. Getting them right can translate to a lower bounce rate and more conversions. The idea is to guide the visitor around your website without sounding too salesy, and a good internet marketing service can do that easily.

Service #4: Social Media Marketing 

By now, you’ve probably realized that ignoring social media is not an option. You have to create a lasting impression on existing and potential customers in the hope of bringing in more business. That’s what Coca-Cola has been doing all this time. They keep their social media accounts active despite being a household name. And, the same applies to Microsoft, Nike, and other established brands. Digital Content Software for Sports Media Rights is a huge component in professional team and league marketing.


On top of that, you can run laser-focused ads on social media. For example, Facebook allows advertisers to target customers by zip code, gender, type of device they’re on, and their interests. And the results are usually phenomenal. But device makers such as Apple are looking to make this type of advertising optional for their users. So there’s no telling if targeted ads have a future on social media.

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Service #5: Email Marketing

Email marketing still works, but it’s also complicated and time-consuming. You have to build the list, which involves having a form on your website and having people sign up. And most marketers will offer something valuable in exchange for an email to make it work. That can be a guide, access to a helpful webinar, or some type of giveaway. 

Once you have a list of 50 or more emails, you can shoot them a message weekly or monthly, giving them valuable information each time. You will also need an expert copywriter to word the emails and know the best time to blast them. 

Service #6: Content Generation and Link Building 

Few digital marketing agencies handle the actual content generation, but they usually have partnerships with people who can. That means you will get videos, pictures, and SEO-optimised articles from one source, which is always a welcome idea for any marketing team.

Link building is also another time-consuming exercise that plays a significant role in how high Google ranks your website. Ideally, Google checks for the quality and relevancy of links when determining the value of your website. For example, if you have a link from a popular website such as Forbes, you will rank higher than a website with links to newer sites. And, it’s the digital marketer’s job to find reputable websites that allow linking.

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