Styling Tips on How to Wear Skater Dresses


Skater dresses are ubiquitous in schools, offices, and campuses. Young teens nowadays love to wear them because there are several ideas on how to wear and the things that can perfectly go with them. Aside from that, skater dresses are versatile and timeless; one can comfortably wear them on various occasions. Until today, women of all ages like to wear and play around with the accessories to elevate the outfit.

These Skater Dresses Come In Several Styles

The pleated style has a variety of pleats on it, such as the box knife and micro pleats. The A-line skater dress is what most women call the fit and flare, having a fit upper bodice but a gentle flare from the hip all the way to its end. The circle style has that flowy and bouncy design, and when the wind strikes, the bottom part just goes with the flow. Hence, careful when wearing it in a windy area.

The Length

The majority like their skater dresses to have knee-length and mid-length because ladies style them as a street fashion. Several women put them on when they go clubbing. Those with daring fashion sense would love to go for the skater cut as opposed to the tight-fitting design.

A shorter length for a skater dress may not be that attractive, especially on events where everyone has to dress up conservative. The typical example is when going to work, a short skater dress is inappropriate and may receive frown looks from the bosses. The perfect length would be up to the knee.

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The good thing about this kind of dress is it looks good on women in different sizes, from petite to plus size. They can still go with either knee-length or perhaps a little above the knee. Even with short or tall women, skater dresses will always look perfect on them. For petite ladies, an exaggerated bottom is ideal; it makes them look cute and girly.

Printed or plain

Whether it has a printed or plain design, the rule of thumb is that accessories must perfectly complement the dress. For a plain fabric, a nice pair of pumps or sandals with bold colours is an excellent match. If it has prints, a neutral or black pair of shoes will complete the look. To improve the outfit, a beautiful piece of jacket will make a huge difference, especially if worn in a special event.

Chunky accessories

When talking about accessories, if the fabric is thin or sheer, chunky earrings or necklaces can balance the subtlety of the dress. Leather accessories are best with skater dresses that use denim to add a bit of masculinity to the feminine appearance. Leather belts are terrific add-ons to accentuate the small waist of petite and curvy women. It draws attention away from having a small body structure or from being curvy on top.

Winter style

During the winter season, skater dresses are still possible by wearing sheer legwear. For mature women, they can get away with wearing skin-tone pantyhose. It is still warm but stylish enough to go on a date. On the other hand, daring and young women can pair it with long thick socks and bulky boots. These are go-to street styles that ladies of this generation love to follow.

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