When you visit Australia, you need to visit some of the best bars where you can get the best drinks and have the time of your life. You have well-known bars such as The Stillery, Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess, Archie Rose, Udaberri, to name a few. If you were to relate all of these bars together, you could find that they mostly serve gin.

Many bars offer cocktails made with the best Australian gin. While many Australians that love their gin, some aren’t fully aware that drinking gin comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits are even surprising for them because they didn’t know that a type of alcohol can have unusual positive effects on people’s health.

Preventing UTI and Bloating

One of the main reasons people drink gin is that it prevents a person from feeling bloated. This advantage is most important for people who don’t want to ruin their outfits at a bar with their protruding belly. Aside from preventing you from feeling bloated, you won’t ever have to fear getting a UTI. You have juniper berries to thank for this. You’ll be glad to know that the berries are diuretic, making a person visit the toilet more often, releasing the undigested liquids. Urinating frequently is a good sign because several bacteria and toxins are flushed out of your system, ensuring you stay healthy.

Antioxidants to Keep a Person Looking Young

Many aren’t aware that the gin’s core ingredient is juniper berries. Even if it’s added to alcohol, it can still give off benefits such as preventing a person from aging too fast and keeping the skin young. Juniper berries are antioxidants, which is the main remedy for wrinkle prevention. While you’re sipping on a glass of gin at a formal gathering, the juniper berries are helping to fight off the wrinkles off your body. There’s a reason why it’s common to see people with amazing skin in gin bars.

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Remedying Joint Pains

Apart from adding juniper berries into alcohol, people used it as an ancient remedy to treat joint pains such as rheumatism and arthritis. While you don’t apply gin directly on the affected area, studies show that ingesting them can cause a person’s joint pains to ease gradually. A well-known method to further reduce inflammation is to soak raisins in gin.

Benefiting Diabetics

For diabetic residents in Australia, drinking gin might just be their next favourite beverage. Why drink gin, you may ask? Scientists and researchers have found that gin can assist in increasing blood levels. Out of all the alcohol tested, gin was one of the many that had the hypoglycaemic-inducing effects on a diabetic person. A good suggestion before you chug a bottle of gin is to consult a doctor first to find out if your condition will benefit from this alternative. For some, drinking gin can help people with type 1 diabetes. Whereas for you, it might do the opposite because of how your body will react differently to it.

Lowering Calorie Count

After eating a heavy meal at a restaurant, you decide to hit a bar to drink some alcohol with friends. While your friends would usually go for a beer, you should drink gin because it won’t add too many calories to your body. A shot of gin only has about 97 calories, and you can lower that by adding it to a low-calorie mixer.

The next time you go to a bar, make sure you don’t miss out on Australian gin. You can drink a single shot of gin, and you’re good to go! You don’t have to necessarily drink gin as soon as possible. Take it slowly and moderately until your body gets used to it.

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