last day on earth Survival Mod Apk

Download the last day on earth Survival Mod Apk Game is an apocalyptic survival unlimited-to-play horror game available on iPhone, Mobile, and Facebook. On Earth Last Day: Survival players have just one target-stay alive! In this game, your life should be the most important thing in your mind, regardless of the circumstances.

How To Download last day on earth Survival Mod Apk Game – 2020

last day on earth survival

After all, yourself and your arsenal are the only things you can trust in an apocalypse. Last Day on Earth is a game of zombie survival in which all players are motivated by one goal to remain alive as long as possible. Relationship, devotion, and kindness have no space left.

Once the revolution comes you can only trust you and your guns. Build a sturdy foundation to defend your life and property from dead attacks and other survivors wandering around. Design and put traps to take hostages, and make them feel bad to rob.

last day on earth survival

The most famous one in many of the most dystopian themes in the world is the war versus zombie. Maybe even their appeal lies in their being isolated from the idea that any person would be able to connect oneself to them. However, there are common things that you can still see in all the people who talk about zombies.

Summary information about last day on earth Survival Mod Apk Game

Full Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Grene Simulation
Publisher Kefir!
Mode features Mega Mod
Size 99M
Latest Version 1.16.3
Latest Update February 21, 2020
Require Android 4.1 and up
Get it On Google Play
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How To Play last day on earth Survival Game

last day on earth survival


Wild animals, starvation, thirst, and cold will kill you faster than a dying army walking. Hunting animals and cooking food over a campfire, gathering rain catcher water and killing other players to get their supplies. Feel the real survival spirit!


Check abandoned the bases of military bunkers and survivors to locate the most important resources and take them away. Craft vehicles for survival and take a ride to the ruins of the abandoned city. You can fly to remote areas, building a shelter wherever you want.


last day on earth survival

Use the chat, knowledge is this world’s second most valuable tool full of dead walking hordes. The outbreak of an unknown zombie plague destroyed much of the world’s population in 2025. Life was driving people away but the pandemic turned them into hordes of the insatiable living dead. Stay alone or partner with allies-you is the one to choose your direction in the chaos-filled world.

To live using whatever ways you can. Hello to the world of true zombies! Each decision counts in Last Day on Earth, any mistake you make can be a fatal one. If you lose, then you will continue all over again. Nature is going to try to finish you off as quickly as a zombie or any other sport. Be wary of having allies. Your partner has saved you from death today and they can shoot you into the back for a can of bean tomorrow.

A hard survival game and authentic

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Last Day on Earth: Survival is certainly a game of ideas from the subject already well known in the gaming world. The plays of the game are interested in this subject that everyone is aware of. Today the company has won Android users over 50 million downloads worldwide. It is continuing to work actively recently with daily weekly updates.

Pick up things, build and fight

last day on earth survival

On the screen, with analog joystick and buttons for operation. Create a small home, many means of transport and weapons to survive in this chaotic world. Equipment can be found in the war to combat and survive, and also you can craft it in your inventory.

Do not forget to carry the backpack as well as food and drink even though you have the heavy equipment. Also, a brand new event called “Police Station” will be the newest updates in the game. In this new event, you will be able to break into a police station and the citizens who have transformed into a zombie. Kill all of them and follow the series of tasks required to receive new rewards.

Download Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk now

Players face several new enemies in this revised version too. They possess a much more unique skill and tend to be linked to the current case. Mutated police officers and inmates, or departmental freaks. Last but not least, there are armed zombies with shields that are cyclically turned on making life even harder. Also, the jackpot mode is revamped to allow you to test your luck in free time non-combat. The only obstacle is that you devote the time and resources you need to invest in this chance game.


last day on earth survival

last day on earth Survival Mod Apk Mod Features:

  • Quick map travel.
  • Infinite armor strength.
  • Infinite weapon strength.
  • Duplication of items (divide the item to get more).
  • Free update (update without the necessary elements).
  • No building requirements.
  • Free craft (craft without items.
  • Energy is not wasted when walking.
  • Free construction (without required items.
  • Unlimited skills (use skill to increase.

Why should you download the Mod version of the last day on earth Survival game?

The first time, as we have said, is also the easiest time of the survival game because your protagonist is in the worst place due to no gear. Zombies or other players will easily get you killed. You just need to play with a powerful incentive, Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod is a great option.

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod when you start playing gives you limitless resources. You won’t have to think about the lack of money needed to develop and thrive. We’ll update the latest version periodically as soon as it’s available so don’t forget to search this post for bookmarks. Here’s all about the new Last Day on Earth update: Survival App.

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