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As we know names are very essential features of identifying people, animals, objects and so on, it is also said that names play a role in the features or characteristics of its bearer. This is why it is very important to have blog name ideas before starting a blog. 

Blog names,which are also known as domain names, is the name of a particular domain,blog,or site,which usually comes after the ‘www.’ and before the ‘.com’ ,’.net’,’.org’. Asit was mentioned in the first paragraph,the name is for identification which is why the name for a blog is very important and all criteria for picking a suitable and representable name for a blog or domain must be followed and obeyed strictly. 

How to pick suitable names for blogs 

For every domain,it’s very important to ensure the domain name or blog name is a cool name,catchy name,it represents the brand and what it does,a unique and creative name. There are numbers of domains out there that are just random selection of words ,nothing creative about them,nothing unique about them,nothing distinguishes the name from others,doesn’t stand out and doesn’t even represent what the brand does. The domain name has a very vital role to play in representing the brand,the owner and the services rendered by the brand. 

The blog name speaks,in the sense that the name of a blog says a lot about the blog and it helps increase the traffic channelled to one’s blog because a domain name or blog name has a role to play to a new visitor ,if the visitor would even visit the blog at all,if the visitor wouldn’t, if the visitor would eventually leave the status of a visitor and acquire the status of a customer. 


A lot of sites are ignored by visitors simply because of their blogor domain names and it doesn’t even matter if they have the best or right content the visitor is looking for,as long as the blog name can’t call on visitors ,the content doesn’t matter. 

There’s a popular saying that ‘You’d be addressed just as you have dressed’. In this case also,its very similar,because each domain,blog or site would be judged as their name has appeared. 

There are advantages and disadvantages attached to the Netwyman Blogs names or domain names. 

If the name is suitable,there are advantages. 
If the name isn’t ,there are disadvantages. 

Advantage of a suitable name is that it increases the traffic channeled to the blog and the main disadvantage is that irrespective of the content available in the blog ,if it’s the best anyone could need ,the lot of the visitor would just ignore the site because the blog name isn’t suitable for what the blog does. 

Therefore,the selection of domain names or blog names is the first step to having the required traffic needed for a certain blog or site to thrive as wished. 

The blog name is what brings visitors to the site,fulfilling its role. 

The second step is the concept of the site,the type of design the site has,the information available for the visitor.

At this junction ,The visitors would be making up his mind if he wants to stay or he wants to leave the site,however,the content available on the site is the main decision maker to help the visitor decide if the site is good,represents the name ,if the purpose of coming into the site has been fulfilled and if the visitor would be promoted to customer.

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