How to fix Valorant FPS stuttering?


Valorant is a game that has been around since the early days of VR headsets. It has received a lot of praise from gamers and critics alike, but it seems like there’s one major problem with the game: stuttering. The developers have acknowledged this issue and are working on fixing it. Here’s how you can fix Valorant FPS stuttering PC:

Check your internet connection.

If you’re experiencing stuttering, it’s likely due to a suboptimal internet connection. To check for this, open up your internet browser and go to [your ISP]’s website. If you see an error page that says “There was an error connecting to the server.” then your connection is fine! If not, try another ISP or find one that doesn’t have any issues with their servers (this means they have good security).

If you’re still having problems after checking these things out and still don’t know what could be causing them (if anything), please let me know in the comments below so we can figure out together!

Try turning off your antivirus and firewall.

This is a common issue for many people, so it’s worth a shot if you’re having problems. If you’re still having serious problems with FPS stuttering after trying this, then try some of the other tips below:

Update your drivers for your hardware components.

  • Update your drivers for your hardware components. Make sure that the latest version of their drivers is installed on your computer, as they may be causing issues with your Valorant FPS stuttering.

Set a higher game priority

To fix the stuttering, you can set your game priority to high. This will allow your computer to use more resources and improve performance.

  • Set the game priority to High at least once in a while or when you want to play for a long time (for example, when playing online games). It will reduce the stuttering that occurs during gameplay.
  • If you don’t feel like changing the setting every time, just repeat this step until it stops happening again: open up Steam and head into “Settings -> In-game” tab > click on “Set Launch Options”. Enter “-highpriority” without quotes into field labeled “Launch Options”, then click OK button > Close window (do not forget about these steps!).
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Lower the screen resolution

To fix FPS stuttering, you need to lower the screen resolution. This is because when your computer is running at high frame rates, it will struggle to display all of the information on-screen. Lowering the resolution will make it easier for your computer to render everything in real time and thus improve FPS (frames per second).

LagoFast – Best Way to Fix Valorant Stuttering PC

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So that’s it! If you’ve been experiencing FPS stuttering, try these tips and see if they help. Remember to share this article with your friends so more people can benefit from them too!