Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the country’s fifth-most populous city. It is located at Adelaide Plains north of Fleurieu Peninsula, between  Mount Lofty Ranges in the east and the Gulf St Vincent in the west.

Adelaide’s living and housing costs are significantly lower than in other cities in Australia, with the housing being remarkably cheaper. Adelaide’s median house price is half the price of the same home in Sydney and two-thirds in Melbourne.

Living in Adelaide, you’ll be close to beautiful beaches, great wineries, and quiet suburbs. Moreover, it offers tons of jobs, top-class hospitals, and excellent schools, making it one of the world’s most livable cities.

If the prices of houses in Adelaide are lower than in other cities, it won’t be surprising if you only have to spend less than that to build your own house. People who are looking for ‘new home builders in Adelaide’, you’ll be able to find some fine builders to help you bring your dream house into reality.

The layout is one of the crucial parts of designing a home. However, choosing a layout from ready-made homes could be harder. So, building your home from scratch has more advantage if you want your home’s layout to be perfect for your family. Below are some of the things that you need to remember in choosing the right layout for your family home.

The Number of Bedrooms

Make sure that you have enough room for each member of the family. How many kids do you have? Are you planning to have more in the next few years? Moreover, make sure that you have at least an extra room for guests.

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Guests rooms are useful if you have young kids. This ensures that the visiting grandparents will have their personal space. Furthermore, the other parent who is not tending to the baby at the moment can use the room to sleep once the baby wakes up at night. This is common among households with a newborn. The working parent may want to sleep in the extra room to get enough rest.

Bedroom location

Position your bedrooms strategically. If you are pregnant, have an infant, or planning to start a family, make sure that the nursery is near the master bedroom. If you plan to have a two-story home, having your master bedroom on the first floor can make your life more problematic if you have infants or toddlers.

However, if your kids are old enough, it’s better to spread out the bedrooms, giving your kids their own space.

More Members, More Bathroom

Not having enough bathrooms is a common problem among households. You can avoid lines outside your bathroom every morning if you choose a layout with enough bathrooms. It would be great if you can have one bathroom for every two bedrooms in the house.

If you love entertaining visitors, you must have at least a half-guest bathroom within the living area. The guest bathroom should be on the first floor if you want a multiple-story house.

House layout can be one of the hardest aspects of designing a house. Finding reliable ‘new home builders in Adelaide’ won’t be much of a problem as many well-reputed builders are available in the area. Most of them have home designs with layouts that are perfect for your family.

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By following this simple guide, you should have the best house layout for your family with enough bedrooms & bathrooms at the right places, and hence, letting you entertain your guests anytime they pay a visit.


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