How Can You Upgrade Your Vertical Blinds? 

Whether you love them or hate them, blinds aren’t more convenient than anything else for sliding glass doors. However, these may make a room look outdated, especially if they don’t go along with the decor. To that, it is possible to make blinds look new without replacing them with a coat of paint, fabric, or wallpaper that can certainly help to offer a fresh look.

Vertical blinds are one of the most convenient window up-gradation approaches because there are so many options that homeowners can choose from. As you can quickly improvise the aesthetics of your home while increasing its functionality with these blinds. In this article, you’ll get all the ways of how to upgrade your vertical blinds. 

Curtain Panel

Vertical blinds can be upgraded quickly by just hanging curtain panels in front of the slats rather than changing the slats. It is possible to attach panels to the same clips as the slats. Light can still enter a room through sheer panels, softening the appearance of the blinds. 

However, heavier panels provide greater privacy. In addition, you can remove the slats entirely and install curtain panels instead. You would need several panels to cover the entire window. Panels that look good when stretched out or pulled back will be the best choice.

Upgrade The Home’s Look By Painting It

You can transform the look by painting the blinds even though they are made of vinyl or fabric. Paints designed with specific surfaces in mind, such as fabric paint for fabric or spray paint for plastic, deliver the best colour coverage and long-term durability.  

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Buying new blinds is always an excellent way to update your old blinds. The old blinds in your living room may not blend well with your contemporary décor as time passes. A simple solution would be to paint them. A vertical blind is ideal for sliding glass windows and doors. 

No matter which type of blinds you have, you can paint them with special paint or paint that adheres to such surfaces. Spray-painted plastic provides long-lasting colours that are perfect for covering the blinds. Walls and trim can be painted to coordinate with the blinds. Before painting, clean the blinds thoroughly. Additionally, blinds would need to be lightly sanded before painting.

Stick-Ons Can Be Used

You can cut wallpaper to match your blind slats and paste them directly on the slats to give your window treatment a stylish look. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colours. Make sure you use a vinyl primer before applying your wallpaper to adhere to the blind slats. 

Homes can get the perfect feel by decorating them with blinds with wall decals attached to the slats by cutting them into sections. A vertical blinds mural is created by applying decals, and additionally, they add aesthetic appeal and colour to open blinds.


Instead of covering the whole set of blinds with curtain panels, you can cover each slat with fabric. It can be glued or slid into the sides of the slats, depending on the design of the blinds. The fabric must be thin enough to not add extra weight at every slat, and also, it must not be so thin that the glue or the slats are visible. Edges can be finished by gluing, rolling over, sewing a straight seam, or adding an embellishment like decorative ribbon or cord.

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Window treatments like a vertical blind do more than block sunlight; they also look good in the home. Get the perfect ambience for your home by combining the blinds with drapes and curtains. By cutting the slats or strips into appropriate sizes, you can add wallpapers or decals to make blinds appear more alluring.

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