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Mussoorie, which is popularly called the Queen of Hills, is a splendid hill station at a distance of nearly 35 kilometres from Dehradun.  The area is located at an altitude of two thousand three mts in Garhwal hills, above the sea-level. It is a known thing that Mussoorie is one of the most stunning hill stations in India and even one of the most frequently visited place. 

In case you have plans to go to this hill station then don’t skip to experience the diverse exotic waterfalls  and spots of this place.  And you can ensure Comfortable Stay in Mussoorie jw Marriott if you do book in advance as there is always rush at this hill station. After all, your trip would be comfortable and fulfilling only if you have a good place to relax and unwind and regather your energy to visit different tourist spots back-to-back.

Lal tibba

Lal tibba is one place you should not miss once in Mussoorie. It is the highest peak in whole environs of Mussoorie. The hill station offers you outstanding and appealing views of snow-capped Himalayan range. A Japanese telescope is even there for you so that you (the tourists and visitors) can easily grasp the places scattered in the far areas. Through this telescope, you can witness the untouched delicacy of the whole area. The mountain range at this spot is also known to have well—known pilgrimages of Badrinath and even Kedarnath. 

Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is spotted around 10 kilometres from Mussoorie. It is resting on Mussoorie – Dehradun Road close to Bhatta Village. The fall is one of the main tourist attractions and also amidst the premium and most striking waterfalls in Mussoorie.  Bhatta Falls is a kind of natural waterfall that rolls down from an altitude of thirty feet into a naturally enclosed pool.  This waterfall is actually comparatively unharmed by commercialization and a great spot to spend some exclusive time. The tourists can witness different types of attractive landscapes here that are ideal for photographers to capture in their camera. You can even grab nature here at its finest. The pond under the falls offers you some chances for swimming.  There is even a children’s park, different swings and slopes are also there for the purpose of play time.  Once you are there, you would feel rejuvenated for sure.

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Gun Hill:

Gun Hill is the second highest place in Mussoorie. The charming cable car ride here in Mussoorie is another prime attraction that drives a massive number of vacationers. The ride here is simply a ten-minute ride that begins from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill. The tourists can easily relish unbelievable views of mountains as well as luxurious meadows of Doon Valley at this hill during their ropeway ride.  The sunset places visible from cars are particularly mighty while you are riding cable car.  You can enjoy a great experience of ten minutes in the centre of amazing sites, beautiful beautiful and lush green surroundings that too at a splendid height! Of course, this thrilling yet charming experience would be a great add on to your life adventures.  Once you are back from Mussoorie, you will recall these spots and moments spent therein and feel the freshness for sure!

Tibetan Buddhist

Tibetan Buddhist temple is a personification of holiness as well as charm. Once you are in this prestigious shrine, you can taste the spiritual splendour of Mussoorie. The shrine is gorgeously snuggled in the Happy Valley and includes spectacular and captivating views of charming dales and massive sized mountains that enclose this primitive hill station. The whole architecture of this temple  is a blend of gust of colours and has happy walls. Moreover the flowering blooms in varied shades add to its charm. The entire setting at this spiritual place is stacked with calmness as well as composure. The site of spirituality in the middle of the refreshing natural sites is absolutely inspiring. This spot will introduce you to your inner peace!

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Mossy falls

In case you speak of Mossy falls, they are situated in a dense forest and are one of the predominant tourist spot in Mussoorie. The place is just seven kilometres from hill station. The gorgeous picturesque views and the tranquil surroundings are absolutely going to make you fall in love with this beautiful and approachable spot.  You must definitely dive in the melodic, exotic and harmonious ambience of this place. You would instantly feel relaxed and charmed once you are at this spot.

Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji Temple is spotted at a distance of nearly nine kilometres from Mussoorie. The temple is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. This place preserves an eras old idol of Goddess Durga who is the pure soul of amazing prettiness as well as deadly power in Hindu religion.  The temple is stylishly constructed in white and offers a regal view. The temple is even surrounded by charming sites and fascinating ambience. The lavish green forests and appealing vistas give this temple great glory. Both pilgrims as well as tourists go to this temple in a huge number to seek the blessings of Maa Durga. This spot is a perfect assortment of blessings and bliss.

K Dev Bonomi Wax Museum

Speaking of K Dev Bonomi Wax Museum, it is the Indian type of Tussauds. The wax museum is spotted in Company Garden and is in the middle of the well-known tourist spots in Mussoorie.  The museum owns wax statues of a couple of the extremely famous and loved national as well as international celebs like that of Angelina Jolie and Leonardo diCaprio.  These creative, vivid, and extremely artistic statues will leave you astonished. After all, these statues are completely intense and so fine that anyone who witnesses them go enthralled. Indeed, the artistic vibes of this museum amidst the vibrant beauty of nature will be a great experience for you.

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So, look out for a Comfortable Stay in Mussoorie jw Marriott and ensure that you unfold your visit to different spots of this mesmeric hill station in a contented  and flawless manner.

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